Oct 7, 2018

Weird War 2–Book Review

The war, though we dislike it quite a bit, is sometimes laughable, you must admit – A.P.Herbert Badogliovski.

I like to thank Thistle publishing for sending me a copy of Weird War 2 for reading and review. The book is around 166 pages and can be read in one day but reading a chapter a day is best method to remember most of the known and unknown events presented in the book.

The author Richard Denham in the start has provided a concise summary of pre war and World War 2 events which will familiarize the reader.

As I said earlier there are many events which will escape from our memory. Below are some that I can recall.

The author mentions about the superweapons used by Nazi’s V1 (cruise missile) and V2 (worlds first long range guided ballistic missile)


Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1973-029A-24A / Lysiak / CC-BY-SA 3.0


V2-Rocket in the Peenemünde Museum

A little about Operation Mincemeat the most successful deception of the war which saved thousands of Allied soldiers lives.


Major William Martin (false name of the corpse used in Operation Mincemeat) The image is from the Bloomsbury edition of Ben Macintyre “Operation Mincemeat”.

The Weird War 2 book does not have only the gory and humorous side of war but also a heart touching story, chapter on Bride of Belsen, a British soldier during the end of the war entered the concentration camp in Bergen Belsen and he came across a skeletal woman named Gena, he told to himself that this is the girl he is going to marry. Later that soldier married her and they lived happily with three children. Gena is known as the Bride of Belsen.

A soldier who had the opportunity to kill Hitler in World War I and he  did not pull the trigger as he felt pity on seeing the condition of injured Hitler. Later he regretted.

The humorous side of the book, Russians plan of using dogs to destroy the German tanks. The dogs fitted with explosives were sent to blow up, instead most of the dogs returned to the owner thereby killing the soldiers. An US invention of Bat bombs which did not go well according to the plan. Ghost armies, creating an illusion of assembling of armies with mock tanks and other arsenals to deceive Germany.

A weird fact that Tsutomu Yamaguchi is the only person acknowledged by the Japanese government to have survived the nightmare of the atomic blasts of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And a Japanese soldier who did not know that the war has ended still fought the US for a decade and surrendered.

Another unknown event is after Germany surrender, the allies and the Germans fought together to capture one castle.

A good book for world war II buffs, to gain more info it is advisable to re-read the book.

Sep 24, 2018

Slaughter: Origin Story - Review


Caution this novel is not for light hearted.

David John Slaughter is a lonely person, has lost his wife and two lovely children. Secludes himself from the world and takes up collection of fire arms. One of Big Chuck gang sells antique fire arms to DJ and next time they try to grab his money. A big mistake by Big Chuck who had chosen to cheat DJ.

They try to take over DJ’s money and other fire arms hidden in his home. Injured DJ escapes and he has to save his collection, it is an arduous task as around 20 to 25 trained persons are waiting for his arrival. He kills everybody with surgical precision.

That’s not the end, as Big Chuck wants to prove who is he, from informers from FBI Big Chuck tracks DJ and tries to kill him again but DJ becomes alert and joins hand with another untainted FBI agent.

Big Chuck makes a master stroke of kidnapping their loved ones. Did DJ saved them? What happened to Big Chuck and his empire?

Absolutely page turner novel an action adventure, we will surely like DJ and his special skills. Use and terms of weapons given in the book tells us the knowledge possessed by the author James Beltz.

Towards half of the novel the author introduces one character which does not fit in the story but in the end that character is the real twist to the novel. The climax is cliffhanger.

A must buy book for action adventure fans.

Sep 12, 2018

A New Dirk Pitt Novel

Slated to be released this November postponed for next year, Grand Master of Adventure Clive Cussler his daring and dashing character Dirk Pitt’s new novel Celtic Empire will be released on 19th March 2019.

celtic empire

An ancient mystery becomes an all-too-real modern threat for Dirk Pitt and his colleagues, in an extraordinary adventure novel in one of suspense fiction’s most beloved series.

The murder of a team of U.N. scientists while investigating mysterious deaths in El Salvador. A deadly collision in the waterways off Detroit. An attack from tomb raiders on an archeological site along the Nile. Is there a link between these violent events? The answer may lie with the tale of an Egyptian princess forced to flee the armies of her father three thousand years ago.

From the desert sands of Egypt to the rocky isles of Ireland to the deepwater lochs of Scotland, only Dirk Pitt can unravel the secrets of an ancient enigma that could change the very future of mankind.

Sep 2, 2018

A Lamb’s Gamble

I have read the Tamil novel Semmaari a year back, I was awestruck by the plots and characters used by the author and I suggested to him to translate the book to English. The author willingly did.


A Tamil proverb “Vilayattu Vinaiyagum” is the crux of the story. An uneducated nomad Semmaari, shepherd by profession is pitted against three antagonist a ruthless person named Kodari, the King of Chandira Kingdom and as well as the Commander of his enemy country Suriya Kingdom. Semmaari had to face them because of an ancient game of the Tamils Tigers and Lambs.

Each character taking up Semmaari’s side are in someway hurt by the above mentioned three adversaries. The revenge is accomplished by them using the five natural elements. It is joy to re read the last few chapters to assimilate the techniques and strategies used by the author.

There are many poetic passages, I like to quote one: “Fishes tears cannot be seen. Semmaari couldn’t see the tears forming in those fish-like eyes either. He just stood there, adoring her.

Kudos Samura sir for giving us a fantastic novel based on an ancient Tamil game.

Aug 22, 2018


Thanks to Net galley for giving me an opportunity to read and review the graphic novel 1066. The story is about conquest of England by William the Conqueror.


The graphic novel is based on the 11th century Bayeux Tapestry made of linen cloth measuring 68.38 meters and 55 cm in height. The story is told in 58 scenes and it is considered to be worlds first comic strip.

It is an adventure story of William, the novel also exhibits his shrewdness and leadership qualities. In between they have provided the images from the Bayeux tapestry which makes the book more enjoyable. 


The copy I have received have some unfinished panels and pencil marks abound. Some panels I have given below. Since it is free copy the publisher had sent a low resolution unfinished panel work for review. I am sure the final product will be fantastic, as the unfinished panels looks good.

panel1  panel2

You can find pencil marks that have not been erased

My Ratings


Aug 14, 2018

The Nostradamus Equation–Book Review

Nostradamus hides his prophecy book “Century” in Sahara which contains the remaining 58 quatrains of Century VII. The book also prophecies about the end of human race and it may continue through the effort of one girl who will be a decadent of Nostradamus companion.


That girl is Dr.Zara Delacroix, but she did not believe in Nostradamus writings. Later when she finds the hidden book she start to believe in his prophecies.  To stop her progress a group of rebels try to kill and take the book. Zara escapes from them and meets Sam Reilly. Now the story shifts to 4th gear. On one side Zara been chased by the thugs of General Ngige and another she has doubts about Sam and his appearance in the middle of the desert. To fill up their water bottle, they happen to use the fossil water from foggara (ancient under water tunnel dug up by Garamantes) but they cannot come up from the well as the thugs were above looking for them. They stay in the under water tunnel for days and they attempt to find another route for escape, this part of the story was very thrilling as Sam, Tom and Zara try their level best to come out of the tunnel.

Same time Sam’s team understands that he had been gone missing and they begin to search for him. Did Sam, Tom Bower and Zara escape from the tunnel? What was the prophecy of Nostradamus and what is Nostradamus equation? Did General Ngige become the Dictator of all of Africa? What mineral was General Ngige was mining below Lake Tumba? all these are answered in the last few pages of the novel. The climax is cliff hanger.

The novel is fast paced a page turner, I have already read The Last Airship of Christopher Cartwright and I have also reviewed that a couple of months back. I find a slight resemblance of Clive Cussler adventure in Christopher Cartwright novels. I like to thank the author Christopher for giving a thrilling adventure story.

My Rating: