Sep 22, 2010


Last week I saw a Movie "The Condemned". This movie was about ten condemned prisoners air lifted and dropped in a island called "Friendship Island". These prisoners are monitored by GPRS and cameras by a team of web programmers running a live show in a web site. Its a typical cyber crime story. The movie was very nice to watch and remained me the live shows telecasted in the discovery channel, "The Survivors".

Sep 6, 2010


In our society we have a custom to do puja when we start a new work or project. Few feel that its a superstition.
But doing puja at the beginning gives lot of confidence and creates an positive feeling around us.
Lord Ganesha is known to clear all hurdles that one encounters doing the process. The puja helps in planning, team work, removes selfishness, removes fear and enables to see success and achievement close to our eyes.

This week end the whole Nation is celebrating Vinayagarchaturthi.