Oct 29, 2010

The future looks bright

Solar power remains the brightly promising spot in the field of renewable energy, and its prospects seem to be improving by the day. Already, the mavens abroad are of the opinion that within three to seven years, unsubsidized solar power could cost no more than electricity generated using fossil fuels. A new era in renewable is clearly round the corner. Things seem to be moving on the right track, but there is a need to have clear-cut norms and proactive policy to coagulate funds and resources right along the board in the renewable energy space.

SunBorne Energy, funded by General Catalyst and Khosla Ventures, is set to make solar power affordable and wide spread across India.  Over the next three years, SunBorne will deploy over Rs.1500 crores in over 100 MW’s of utility-scale solar plants, and develop sites across India for several GugaWatts of solar power. The company is partnering with MNRE on an R&D project to indigenize and decrease the cost of solar plants. Over the next decade, it plans to cut the costs in half, making solar power competitive with other sources. SunBorne’s affordable solar power can help India grow without risking the environment or energy security.

Oct 23, 2010


What is nano: It is a prefix a Greek word meaning midget or dwarf. In Science it means one in Billion in Mathematical term it is 10 power –9 of a meter, to atom level length of 10 hydrogen atoms.


Nanotechnology is the science behind to purposefully manipulate the matter to atom size in simple words it is engineering at a very small scale.  Imagine Motors in the size of thumb nail, and even tiny seen only through microscope. All this are possible in coming years.




The above Image was written using Dip pen Nanolithography and images using lateral force microscopy of an atomic force microscope (Image courtesy Mirkin Group)



Nanoguitar (10 microns), 1997, courtesy of Dustin W.Carr and Harold G Craighead, Cornell Nanofabrication Facility and the School of Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University.


We have nano tech in our hands yes our mobile phone is product of nano technology. Nano has vast areas of use, our successors will be studying only through gadgets made out of nano tech in future.

Oct 19, 2010

Rajikanth at Himalayas

Today hot news about Enthiran and Super Star Rajikanth is his vist to the Himalayas.
Here are some photos released in the media which are interesting.

Oct 15, 2010

Indians - Green Oscars

Indians bag two Green Oscars

India had a golden day at the Wildscreen Festival in Bristol, UK on Wednesday, 13th October 2010. While Mysore-based duo Krupakar-Senani bagged an award for their film “The Pack: Episode 5” in the Animal Behaviour. The Wildscreen awards, popularly known as The Panda Awards or the Green Oscars, received by Krupakar-Senani. It’s the first time a film shot in India by Indians was nominated to the Animal Behaviour category. The winning film is about 27 minutes and won against films which are over 50 minutes.

Health is Wealth

Walking can ward off memory loss

Participants who walked between six and nine miles per week had more gray matter volume in their brains nine years after the start of the study than people who didn’t walk as much.

Oct 11, 2010

Slow computers

The big problem with windows-based computers is that they require regular maintenance. Glary utility is one of the best. With its very simple user interface, it makes PC maintenance easy even for those who are uncomfortable with computers. It cleans junk files and removes broken registry and also allows users to wipe online history, shared files securely and ensure memory optimization. In most cases, it works.

Oct 10, 2010

Muthia Muralidharan at Velamal

On 9th Oct 2010 Velammal School organised Science Expo in their school at Mugappair East. Srilankan cricketer Mr. Muthiah Muralidhar was the chief guest. Carrom Champion Elavazhagi was felicitated. Velammal schools sports champions were given shield medal. For the students of the tenth and twelfth std toppers were cash awarded.