Oct 29, 2010

The future looks bright

Solar power remains the brightly promising spot in the field of renewable energy, and its prospects seem to be improving by the day. Already, the mavens abroad are of the opinion that within three to seven years, unsubsidized solar power could cost no more than electricity generated using fossil fuels. A new era in renewable is clearly round the corner. Things seem to be moving on the right track, but there is a need to have clear-cut norms and proactive policy to coagulate funds and resources right along the board in the renewable energy space.

SunBorne Energy, funded by General Catalyst and Khosla Ventures, is set to make solar power affordable and wide spread across India.  Over the next three years, SunBorne will deploy over Rs.1500 crores in over 100 MW’s of utility-scale solar plants, and develop sites across India for several GugaWatts of solar power. The company is partnering with MNRE on an R&D project to indigenize and decrease the cost of solar plants. Over the next decade, it plans to cut the costs in half, making solar power competitive with other sources. SunBorne’s affordable solar power can help India grow without risking the environment or energy security.

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