Nov 25, 2010

New Raw Material to Produce Cement

Researchers have converted discarded plastic bottles in combination with soil to form a porous cement like substance that could be the construction material of the future.

Naji Khoury, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at Temple University in US, says the trademarked product is called ‘Plastisoil’. Khoury said that it takes 30,000 of the better quality recyclable bottles to make one tonne of porous Plastisoil.  He said that an energy analysis shows that it uses less energy to produce one tonne of Plastsoil that one tonne of cement or asphalt. It could ease environmental problems created by storm water run-off because storm water can filter through it into the ground below. He added that preliminary results also show porous Plastisoil to be cheaper to manufacture that existing technologies.

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