Nov 12, 2010

The Social Network – Face Book

The Social Network is a film about the founder of Face Book. Its a biographical account of Mark Zuckerberg and his billion dollar invention which changed the face of the world. He is an young man who becomes a billionaire at the age of 25.

And nobody ends up being friendless even after having 500 million people sign up on a friend request site. There are so many interesting nuggets in the film.  From Zuckergberg’s first attempts at creating an interactive site at an act of vengeance against his girlfriend. Erica Asbright (Rooney Mara) to his encounter with Napster’s knight in shining armour, Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake), the drama hurtles across with breakneck speed.

It is a creating the next big thing after Google. The high point of The Social Network is its super screenplay (Aaron Sorking) where every dialogue becomes a quotable quote.  The exchange between the lead characters is witty and vibrant, carrying forth the drama with a throbbing intensity.

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