Dec 17, 2010

Chennai Metrowater - Service

I am a regular reader of Times Of India. Last week I saw a new item regarding Customer grievances meeting to be organised at the Annnagar Metrowater Office on 11/12/2010. In my locality we get polluted water supply for the past few weeks. So, I planned to attend the meeting to convey our problems.

On 11/12/2010, I attended the meeting. The Senior Engineer made a note of our street and door no and called the Junior Engineer over phone and reported the problem and to take necessary actions immediately. I thanked the Sr.Engineer and once again requested to speed up the issue. With in an hour the Assistant Engineer came to our locality and verified the complaint and promised to clear the sewage on Monday (13/12/2010). Since our house were at the dead end he informed his Seniors to include our street in the future proposal to erect a  new sewage outlet. 

On 12/12/2010 (Sunday), the Jetroading machine truck and staffs of metrowater came to clear the sewage. The next day, 13/12/2010, we received good quality and quantity of metrowater. Metrowater staff came and asked for signature for attending the complaint. 

We thank the Metrowater department for organizing the public grievance meeting and helping to take the problems to the head of the department and getting attended and solved immediately.

Dec 5, 2010

Mobile Egg House

A Chinese, Mr. Dai Haifei has created an egg shaped low cost mobile house in Beijing. It is made of bamboo strips, steel bar, grass seeds, wood chips and water proof materials. It has cost about $965.

It is useful for migrant laborers who are poor. It has one meter wide bed and have a facilities for washing except a toilet facility.