Dec 11, 2011


Scientist had developed a new technology to display emails and text messages on contact lenses. This is possible by linking the lenses to the internet.
Today Contact lenses are made with a single pixel.  Now the latest technology had developed a contact lens with multiple pixels that could be used to display emails and text messages in front of one’s eyes wearing those contact lenses.
This technology will create a new revolution in high tech games, navigation like road maps and medical information data transfers like pulse rate, BP and Sugar levels.
The future James Bond 007, will read email and access SMS hands-free while under the sea and in space.  He will drive cars and reach destination with- in built navigation system that are uploaded in his contact lenses.

Dec 6, 2011



Our Indian Government has launched a project through the Planning Commission to provide a Unique Identification to the people.  Hence, an organization UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) was formed. Mr. Nandha Nilkani is the chairman of UIDAI. He was associated with Infosys.
Aadhaar card is a biometric card given to all Indian citizens.
It has a unique 12 digit identification number.
It contains the data of ten finger prints and scanned irises of each individual.
Each center like Government Banks and Post Offices are able to upload and capture 45 -60 persons each day.
The public are getting appointment after more than 30 – 45 days.
This is due to shortage of man power and scanners.
Several applicants are forced to stand in queue for several hours from the early morning.
Passport and other ID card have a validity period but Aadhaar card has a life time validity period.
Site Address and Site maps

Dec 2, 2011



Studio Apartments are medium sized houses that have common walls. They are built by builders in large project ranging between 400 – 500 sq ft.   The price band is less than 15 lacks.

Studio apartments are affordable, low priced, low rate of interest and the cost of registration is lower.

Maintenance cost is less.

The EMI to be paid is equal to the monthly rent to be paid.

1-BHK Flats are the booked initially and it generates cash for builders and provides capital for them.

It is best suited for bachelors, couples, singletons.

Parents staying with children for higher education are best suited rather than hostels.

One should select proper location like IT Center, Hospital, Business Center, Government Projects and Industries.

Nov 27, 2011

What is special about the name DAM999?

What is special about the name DAM999?

The Producer of the film has named DAM999 may be because of the fact that the Tamil Nadu Government has the legal rights over the dam for 999 year. So, the name could refer the period of contract for 999 years.
The title of the film refers to the Mullaperiyar dam and the scenes shot in Alappuzha in Kerala resemble the Mullaperiyar dam. The director have roped up Tamil Nadu technicians like the famous art director Thotta Tharani who has created special sets for the dam.
The controversies created by the Film DAM999 have created several write ups in the media. Hence the DAM999 could be a hit across the nation but a little bit of DAM(IT) across Tamil Nadu. 

Nov 5, 2011

How to use Google Search Effectively?

Operators like Link, Stock, define, what is, range of numbers, related, author, group, insubject etc. are the different types operators used to optimize search.
“What is:” – this operator is used to find answers to specific questions.
Example: “what is: lokpal bill”
The search gives results about what is lokpal bill.
“Link:” – it is used to find pages that are linked to the specific web pages.
Example: “link:
“Stock:”- used to find stock quotes of valid stock symbols of listed companies.
Example: “stock: apple”
“Define:”- operator helps to find the definition or meanings for terms, phrases and words.
Example: “define: symbiosis”
Range of number - # and .. operators are used to find search results for specific arrays of products price in a fixed price range or numbers.
Example: laptop#$10000..$50000# - the search results displays laptop priced at the range between $10,000 to $50,000.
Operators like “related:” is used to find websites related to the specified words.
Example: “related:
“author:” – used to find web pages based on specified authors.
Example: “author: Mahatma Gandhi”

Nov 4, 2011


Thailand has witnessed worst flooding in half a century.  Thailand is one of the best top tourist place in Southeast Asia.
The floods have affected the economy which depends mainly on tourist industry. Thousands of people have been
evacuated from the capital city. More than 400 people have died in the flooding over the last few months.
bangkok floods

Oct 1, 2011


Winners are always a part of the team
Losers are apart from the team
Winners make commitments Losers make promises
Winners see gain Losers see pain
Winners see possibilities Losers see problems
Winners see an answer in every problem Losers see a problems in every answer
Winners have dreams Losers have schemes
Winners are like thermostat Losers are like thermometers
Winners choose what they say Losers say what they choose
Winners stand firm on values but compromise on petty things Losers stand firm on petty things and compromise on values
Winners make it happen Losers let it happen
Winners say “Let me do it for you” Losers say “It is not my job”
Winners say “I must do something” Losers say “something must be done”
Winners say “It may be difficult but it is possible” Losers say “It may be possible but it is very difficult”

Sep 17, 2011



  • Drop out from college and came out successfully in Business.
  • Does not believe in Customer Research.
  • Feeling about being more hungry and being foolish.
  • "i" - Innovation, Identity, Inspiration, integrity.
  • Apple had more cash reserve than the US Government.     

Sep 3, 2011

Oh! My God!

Lord Ganesha is known as the foremost important deity to the Hindus. For all new projects it’s a customary to start with the offerings to the Lord Ganesha. The Panchabudas that represent, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky, Lord Ganesha is made in mud during the poojas   and festivals. During Vinaya Chathurthi festivals the idols of Lord Ganesha is made using clay and sold for the celebration. The sold idols are taken and submerged in the water bodies like well, lake, river and sea. But the unsold idols are left on the roads sides. The local authorities and nearby temples can take some steps to remove them. This could be a true devotion to Lord Ganesha.

Aug 30, 2011

Amazing Thailand - Sanctuary of Truth

            The Sanctuary of Truth, temple is spread out in 32 acres near the sea shore. It measures 100 metres height and 100 metres length. It was built in the year 1981. It is built of only wood. It is a replica of ancient art and culture. The five elements of nature, the earth, the sky, the sun, the water, are elaborately beautifully designed.
Sanctuary of Truth

Aug 25, 2011


            Thailand is a Southeast Asian country situated between India and China. It shares border with Burma and Malaysia. Thailand is famous for its Thai Sea food, places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket etc.
            Important places and amazing shows are  like , “Alcazar show”, Thai show, Parasailing, Coral Island  tour, Nong Nooch Gardens, Sanctuary of Truth, Floating Market etc.


Jul 31, 2011


Blog is a way of communication of thoughts and ideas. It is like an online journal. It has evolved into am instant tool for sharing News, Photo and Video.The Blog has been more popular and modified for business purpose.

AdSense is a creation of Google for generating money from ads. The idea is to drive people to advertiser's website through AdSense. Blogs became very popular after the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers in 2001. Technology has  made possible to post and update on mobile devices, send text, picture, video and leave voice messages on line automatically.

Jul 8, 2011


Facebook the number one social networking site has announced a tie up with Skype for video chat. Mr. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook foresees stiff competition from Google, Groupon and Twitter. So,  as an marketing strategy he has signed up an agreement with Skype to add Skype video chat to its pages.

Jun 18, 2011


The new Government in Tamilnadu which had swiped the election in its favour is finding it difficult to solve the, "Samacheer Kalvi" - Uniform education problem. The issue has gone to the level of Supreme court for justice. Several students and school are finding it difficult in which ways it's going to swing. It's like a cat on the wall. Recently the TN Gov have published the fees structure in there website. The list has more than 500 schools in Chennai, but few prominent big school are not available in the list, but are in near by Thiruvallur District list. A joint discussion by the Government with the Private school management will solve the problem quickly and help the students, teachers and parents.

Jun 11, 2011

Cricket trends

Today I was watching a debate program on Cricket.   The program was about why people are crazy about cricket and why India is not giving importance to other games like Hockey, Football.
In the program there was a debate on why we are giving much importance to IPL, lot of endorsement for players and betting.
In countries like China, Japan, Korea there is no craze for cricket, similarly in India there is no audience for Football and some other games.
In India there is good revenue and job security for Cricket. But for other games there is no good revenue is expected.
On betting, the argument was that the horse racing is legalized. And some of the revenue is given for charity. Similarly betting in Cricket can be legalized, controlled and regulated by the Government.
On IPL, In India the IPL is a new business opportunity. But it is old concept for the world. There are some franchises for Football all over the world and IPL is a copy cat of that concept.
After the wining of the 2011 world cup and IPL 4, there is an enormous response from the younger generation to learn the game of Cricket.

Jun 5, 2011

Demands of Baba Ramdev

Following are the demands of Baba Ramdev towards our Naional Interest :

1. Indian black money deposited outside our country must be declared as National offence.

2. Black money outside our country must be declared as India's asset.

3. Any person when found to be corrupt should be sentenced to life long jail or death penalty.

4. Lokpal bill should be passed and implemented immediately.

5. New fast track court to deal with corruption cases.

6. Government to withdraw 500 and 1000 rupee denomination currency to fight corruption.

7. All professional courses to be taught in Indian Regional languages.

8. To bring direct elections for electing  the Prime minister of India.

9. Transparency in Income details of each individual.

10. Income tax details to be included  under the RIT act.

11.To bring uniformity in wages and salaries.

12. To control prices of food articles.

13. To stop grabbing land from farmers for Infrastructure development.

14. To give importance to all Indian Regional Languages.

May 29, 2011


The one month long IPL-4 fever has come to an end with the victory of Chennai Super Kings. The score of 205 is the highest for CSK in the IPL history.
“Catches win matches”, can be reframed as, “Huge Sixes takes the Team to Success”.
Raining Sixes by Raina,
Marvelous strikes by Hussey,
Awesome catches and fielding,
DHONI – Hero & Captain Cool has made history and several records to be broken.

Feb 11, 2011

Cricket and GBS

GBS - Shaw once said eleven fools are playing and ten thousand fools are watching. Now the saying is proved wrong. This is because there is a large mass of audience are watching he game after the invention of the T20 cricket. Once the test match was dead slow in action and with a faded glamor. Now the match played under the flooded lights, white ball, bright colored players uniforms, and the dancing girls is more entertaining. The viewers are forced to watch  number of advertisements rather than the number of balls bowled.

Jan 30, 2011


China has been growing in all aspects both in economy, population, IT and all other sectors.
In microblogging  Chinese actress Yao Chen became the top most blogger having five million followers in the world. Yao is a popular television actress in China. She has been declared as the, "Queen of the microblog".

She has broken the record of US mega-celeb Oprah Winfrey.

Jan 14, 2011


CAT stands for Common Admission Test. This exam is conducted for candidates taking up MBA in the IIM's - Indian Institute of Management. On 05/01/2011, the results of 2010 CAT were released. But the website got slow downed due heavy online traffic. Just imagine a total number of 2 lack students checking the results and scores on the web site at the same time.

In India there are total of 10 IIM's.

1. Ahmedabad
2. Calcuta
3. Bangalore
4. Lucknow
5. Indore
6. Raipur
7. Rohtak
8. Ranchi
9. Shillong

Jan 9, 2011

School Project

School Project:

Child:              Mother, my class teacher has asked to do Album as project during holidays

Mother:          Your school doesn’t have any work, it seems. Go and ask your father.

Child:              Daddy, mother asked you to do my school project.

Father:            Project, What project? Ask your mummy to do.

Mother:          We are all going to my brother’s house. We will come back only after
                         3 days.So, you have enough time to think and do the project.

Father:            So, you all have planned to enjoy the vacation. I have lot of office work
                        Where can I find time to do project? My God!  Why the schools are
                         giving project for Primary students? Are these projects for parents
                         are children.

Mother:          See, please don’t hurt our child. He should not stand in the class for
                        not doing the project.

Father:            Ok, we have enough time let’s see.

After few days.

Child:              Mummy, tomorrow I have to go to the school. My  project not done.

Mother:          Oh, your daddy has not completed.

Father:            Sorry da, I have forgotten.

Mother:          To hell with you all. Bring that old card board box. Let us finish this.

Next day:

Child:              Mummy, my teacher scolded me for not doing the project.

Mother:          Your can’t do the project, at least can’t you remained as to take the
                        project what we have done.

Father:            We have paid the fees. The sky is not going to fall on us.
                         Useless projects.