Jan 30, 2011


China has been growing in all aspects both in economy, population, IT and all other sectors.
In microblogging  Chinese actress Yao Chen became the top most blogger having five million followers in the world. Yao is a popular television actress in China. She has been declared as the, "Queen of the microblog".

She has broken the record of US mega-celeb Oprah Winfrey.

Jan 14, 2011


CAT stands for Common Admission Test. This exam is conducted for candidates taking up MBA in the IIM's - Indian Institute of Management. On 05/01/2011, the results of 2010 CAT were released. But the website got slow downed due heavy online traffic. Just imagine a total number of 2 lack students checking the results and scores on the web site at the same time.

In India there are total of 10 IIM's.

1. Ahmedabad
2. Calcuta
3. Bangalore
4. Lucknow
5. Indore
6. Raipur
7. Rohtak
8. Ranchi
9. Shillong

Jan 9, 2011

School Project

School Project:

Child:              Mother, my class teacher has asked to do Album as project during holidays

Mother:          Your school doesn’t have any work, it seems. Go and ask your father.

Child:              Daddy, mother asked you to do my school project.

Father:            Project, What project? Ask your mummy to do.

Mother:          We are all going to my brother’s house. We will come back only after
                         3 days.So, you have enough time to think and do the project.

Father:            So, you all have planned to enjoy the vacation. I have lot of office work
                        Where can I find time to do project? My God!  Why the schools are
                         giving project for Primary students? Are these projects for parents
                         are children.

Mother:          See, please don’t hurt our child. He should not stand in the class for
                        not doing the project.

Father:            Ok, we have enough time let’s see.

After few days.

Child:              Mummy, tomorrow I have to go to the school. My  project not done.

Mother:          Oh, your daddy has not completed.

Father:            Sorry da, I have forgotten.

Mother:          To hell with you all. Bring that old card board box. Let us finish this.

Next day:

Child:              Mummy, my teacher scolded me for not doing the project.

Mother:          Your can’t do the project, at least can’t you remained as to take the
                        project what we have done.

Father:            We have paid the fees. The sky is not going to fall on us.
                         Useless projects.