Jan 9, 2011

School Project

School Project:

Child:              Mother, my class teacher has asked to do Album as project during holidays

Mother:          Your school doesn’t have any work, it seems. Go and ask your father.

Child:              Daddy, mother asked you to do my school project.

Father:            Project, What project? Ask your mummy to do.

Mother:          We are all going to my brother’s house. We will come back only after
                         3 days.So, you have enough time to think and do the project.

Father:            So, you all have planned to enjoy the vacation. I have lot of office work
                        Where can I find time to do project? My God!  Why the schools are
                         giving project for Primary students? Are these projects for parents
                         are children.

Mother:          See, please don’t hurt our child. He should not stand in the class for
                        not doing the project.

Father:            Ok, we have enough time let’s see.

After few days.

Child:              Mummy, tomorrow I have to go to the school. My  project not done.

Mother:          Oh, your daddy has not completed.

Father:            Sorry da, I have forgotten.

Mother:          To hell with you all. Bring that old card board box. Let us finish this.

Next day:

Child:              Mummy, my teacher scolded me for not doing the project.

Mother:          Your can’t do the project, at least can’t you remained as to take the
                        project what we have done.

Father:            We have paid the fees. The sky is not going to fall on us.
                         Useless projects.

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