Jun 11, 2011

Cricket trends

Today I was watching a debate program on Cricket.   The program was about why people are crazy about cricket and why India is not giving importance to other games like Hockey, Football.
In the program there was a debate on why we are giving much importance to IPL, lot of endorsement for players and betting.
In countries like China, Japan, Korea there is no craze for cricket, similarly in India there is no audience for Football and some other games.
In India there is good revenue and job security for Cricket. But for other games there is no good revenue is expected.
On betting, the argument was that the horse racing is legalized. And some of the revenue is given for charity. Similarly betting in Cricket can be legalized, controlled and regulated by the Government.
On IPL, In India the IPL is a new business opportunity. But it is old concept for the world. There are some franchises for Football all over the world and IPL is a copy cat of that concept.
After the wining of the 2011 world cup and IPL 4, there is an enormous response from the younger generation to learn the game of Cricket.

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