Jun 5, 2011

Demands of Baba Ramdev

Following are the demands of Baba Ramdev towards our Naional Interest :

1. Indian black money deposited outside our country must be declared as National offence.

2. Black money outside our country must be declared as India's asset.

3. Any person when found to be corrupt should be sentenced to life long jail or death penalty.

4. Lokpal bill should be passed and implemented immediately.

5. New fast track court to deal with corruption cases.

6. Government to withdraw 500 and 1000 rupee denomination currency to fight corruption.

7. All professional courses to be taught in Indian Regional languages.

8. To bring direct elections for electing  the Prime minister of India.

9. Transparency in Income details of each individual.

10. Income tax details to be included  under the RIT act.

11.To bring uniformity in wages and salaries.

12. To control prices of food articles.

13. To stop grabbing land from farmers for Infrastructure development.

14. To give importance to all Indian Regional Languages.

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