Sep 17, 2011



  • Drop out from college and came out successfully in Business.
  • Does not believe in Customer Research.
  • Feeling about being more hungry and being foolish.
  • "i" - Innovation, Identity, Inspiration, integrity.
  • Apple had more cash reserve than the US Government.     

Sep 3, 2011

Oh! My God!

Lord Ganesha is known as the foremost important deity to the Hindus. For all new projects it’s a customary to start with the offerings to the Lord Ganesha. The Panchabudas that represent, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky, Lord Ganesha is made in mud during the poojas   and festivals. During Vinaya Chathurthi festivals the idols of Lord Ganesha is made using clay and sold for the celebration. The sold idols are taken and submerged in the water bodies like well, lake, river and sea. But the unsold idols are left on the roads sides. The local authorities and nearby temples can take some steps to remove them. This could be a true devotion to Lord Ganesha.