Oct 1, 2011


Winners are always a part of the team
Losers are apart from the team
Winners make commitments Losers make promises
Winners see gain Losers see pain
Winners see possibilities Losers see problems
Winners see an answer in every problem Losers see a problems in every answer
Winners have dreams Losers have schemes
Winners are like thermostat Losers are like thermometers
Winners choose what they say Losers say what they choose
Winners stand firm on values but compromise on petty things Losers stand firm on petty things and compromise on values
Winners make it happen Losers let it happen
Winners say “Let me do it for you” Losers say “It is not my job”
Winners say “I must do something” Losers say “something must be done”
Winners say “It may be difficult but it is possible” Losers say “It may be possible but it is very difficult”