Nov 5, 2011

How to use Google Search Effectively?

Operators like Link, Stock, define, what is, range of numbers, related, author, group, insubject etc. are the different types operators used to optimize search.
“What is:” – this operator is used to find answers to specific questions.
Example: “what is: lokpal bill”
The search gives results about what is lokpal bill.
“Link:” – it is used to find pages that are linked to the specific web pages.
Example: “link:
“Stock:”- used to find stock quotes of valid stock symbols of listed companies.
Example: “stock: apple”
“Define:”- operator helps to find the definition or meanings for terms, phrases and words.
Example: “define: symbiosis”
Range of number - # and .. operators are used to find search results for specific arrays of products price in a fixed price range or numbers.
Example: laptop#$10000..$50000# - the search results displays laptop priced at the range between $10,000 to $50,000.
Operators like “related:” is used to find websites related to the specified words.
Example: “related:
“author:” – used to find web pages based on specified authors.
Example: “author: Mahatma Gandhi”

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