Dec 11, 2011


Scientist had developed a new technology to display emails and text messages on contact lenses. This is possible by linking the lenses to the internet.
Today Contact lenses are made with a single pixel.  Now the latest technology had developed a contact lens with multiple pixels that could be used to display emails and text messages in front of one’s eyes wearing those contact lenses.
This technology will create a new revolution in high tech games, navigation like road maps and medical information data transfers like pulse rate, BP and Sugar levels.
The future James Bond 007, will read email and access SMS hands-free while under the sea and in space.  He will drive cars and reach destination with- in built navigation system that are uploaded in his contact lenses.

Dec 6, 2011



Our Indian Government has launched a project through the Planning Commission to provide a Unique Identification to the people.  Hence, an organization UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) was formed. Mr. Nandha Nilkani is the chairman of UIDAI. He was associated with Infosys.
Aadhaar card is a biometric card given to all Indian citizens.
It has a unique 12 digit identification number.
It contains the data of ten finger prints and scanned irises of each individual.
Each center like Government Banks and Post Offices are able to upload and capture 45 -60 persons each day.
The public are getting appointment after more than 30 – 45 days.
This is due to shortage of man power and scanners.
Several applicants are forced to stand in queue for several hours from the early morning.
Passport and other ID card have a validity period but Aadhaar card has a life time validity period.
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Dec 2, 2011



Studio Apartments are medium sized houses that have common walls. They are built by builders in large project ranging between 400 – 500 sq ft.   The price band is less than 15 lacks.

Studio apartments are affordable, low priced, low rate of interest and the cost of registration is lower.

Maintenance cost is less.

The EMI to be paid is equal to the monthly rent to be paid.

1-BHK Flats are the booked initially and it generates cash for builders and provides capital for them.

It is best suited for bachelors, couples, singletons.

Parents staying with children for higher education are best suited rather than hostels.

One should select proper location like IT Center, Hospital, Business Center, Government Projects and Industries.