Jan 15, 2012


The Man and Machine interference is quite common in our day to day life. We can’t imagine ourselves without machines. We may live without a partner but not without TV, Mobiles, Computer, Car, and Bike etc.
Driving a car is a pleasant experience. It has been designed and named easily as C B A – Clutch – Brake –Accelerator.
People who learn to Drive Car must know the basics of Car driving.

The Basic
A Car is a machine. It will do what you ask it to. One must know first to operate the gears, clutch, brakes etc.
The Gear Box
The Gear is designed in the shape of the letter “H”.
 Practice to change the gears easily.
Avoid jerks while driving with co-passengers.
Follow traffic rules.
During traffic jams, always follow the vehicle that is going in the front and form a tail process.

All ways try to have a good view of the two front ends of the vehicle. If necessary use a seat cushion, because the steering wheel position may fool you.
The correct driving position is having the hands on the Steering wheel in a ’10-past-10’ position, because our human body is relaxed in the position during a long period of time.

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