Oct 7, 2012


After a successful launch of iPhone 4S, last October 2011, now Apple has launched its new iPhone 5. The sales figures for iPhone5 have crossed more than 5 million units beating its own record for iPhone4S. This smart phone is special for Apple because, two-third of profits is made from this smart phone product. This has made Apple one of the most valuable companies in the world.
The new features added in the iPhone5 are,
Larger screen for clear visibility.
Faster processer to enable swift downloads.
Thinner and lighter models makes easy to carry and handle.
Own mapping software and replaced Google Maps.
Voice recognition and speech command service to let users to avail services by speaking to the smart phone.
Collaboration with Facebook for easy access and sharing.
Removed Google online video services, YouTube from pre installed hardware.
So, Why not let us have a bite from Apple for a new experience with an iPhone5.

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