Jun 15, 2013

Man Of Steel

People like me who are fixated to 70s Superman comics and Chris Reeves performance in Superman movies, will not have any difficulty to watch and ENJOY Henry Cavill as Man of Steel. The movie is reboot of Superman story and I feel it is one of the best reboot.

I loved the movie especially the characters Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner. Though Kevin in a small role but poetic one. 

Russell as Jor El, previously did by Marlon Brando, Kevin as adoptive father who teaches him not to show his super powers. "You are here for a reason son", the same lines echoes in this movie too.


Henry Cavill, I see him as close to Reeve the same dimple, his smile has a little sadness, the director should wanted him to portray, because he is searching who he is and why did he came here. The story is reboot and many scenes gives me the feeling this is what I had in my mind. As a boy Clark Kent comes to know about his powers, but he terrified when he sees his teacher's skeletal view in x ray vision, that is a wonderful scene, imagine how a kid will feel. Later his mother teaches him how to overcome. The same problem General Zod also suffers when he first lands in Earth. I will be little more happier if they had pictured more scenes in Smallville maybe they had cut short to make it for 2 hours movie.

Another memorable mention is kid Clark Kent provoked by his colleagues, he wants to fight but Kevin’s teaching of manners makes him quiet. He had shown his anger by holding the lamp post which had been crumpled by his grip.

theater   bo2
(The Image to right says Man of Steel is running successfully)

(The image above says Box Office Collection of Man of Steel, one day collection higher than other English movies in Tamil Nadu, a State in South India)

Now on to Henry Cavill, he had the same humor provided by Chris in Superman movies, not as stumbling Clark Kent, but as Superman. When Superman is hand cuffed! and taken into custody to speak with Lois Lane he says they (people) feel secured when I am hand cuffed. When the conversation continues, Superman with his vision sees a person behind Professor Emil Hamilton preparing a shot of tranquillizer, as Superman mentions it is not needed, the theater was on laugh, the same continued when Lois Lane (Amy Adams) questioned by Laurence Fishburne (Perry White) on her writing talent and reminds her that she is a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Michael Shannon as General Zod depicted as Military Leader (so you cannot expect a decent portrayal did by Terence Stamp in Superman 2). He is aggressive, his eyes shows his eagerness to rule. The fight between Superman and Zod and the destruction when remaining Kryptonians enter Earth are breath taking visuals. This is what I expected when I watched Superman 2, it is fulfilled in Man of Steel. The tension, fear of people all are very well narrated. Kudos to the Director Zack Synder and Christopher Nolan.

The music score is by Hans Zimmer it is not bad, the background score is very much interlaced with the theme of the movie.

A peculiar thing is that Superman is mentioned only once in this movie. More of Clark Kent and Superman will be in the sequel I think. When is the sequel?

Man of Steel is action packed from start to finish.

Apr 25, 2013


I had the opportunity to watch A Selznick International Picture, Spellbound a thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The movie is based on the novel authored by (Francis Beeding) John Palmer and Hilary A.Saunders.

The film starts with the words of Shakespeare “The fault – is not in our stars but in ourselves”.


Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck in the lead. The story, a new Director named Dr.Anthony Edwardes is appointed in Green Manors (a mental hospital) to replace Dr.Murchison who is forced to retire from. Dr.Petersen (Ingrid Bergman) is the first to find out that Dr.Edwardes is not the actual Dr.Edwardes, while she was talking with him she draws a parallel line with a fork on a table cloth were the Doctor becomes restless and verifying his signature. Soon Dr.Edwardes (Gregory Peck) confides that he is not the real Doctor and he had killed him. But Dr.Petersen believes he is an innocent and also he is patient of guilt complex.

Then the Doctor drops a note to Dr.Petersen room and leaves to Empire State Hotel. She does as per the note and meets him, later he says that he is John Brown (JB) Dr.Petersen uses her psycho analytics method to unlock his memory and find who really he is.

For further help she takes JB to her mentor Dr.Brulov. They both analyses JB’s dream and his phobia of parallel lines. They find out that JB’s phobia of parallel lines is due to ski marks and further that he accidentally killed his brother who fell over the railings. A dream sequence which further unlocks who he is (JB John Ballantyne) and what happened to Dr.Anthony Edwardes. She takes him to the ski resort to re enact his dreams and this leads to the  finding of Dr.Anthony Edwardes. But the police finds bullet on the body and arrests JB.

Dr.Petersen is sure that JB is innocent and further she analyze the dream and finds out that Dr.Murchison is the real murderer and finally JB and Dr.Petersen are united.

The film is simply superb. The acting of Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck is wonderful. The scene where Peck under the spell of parallel lines when he is preparing to shave, he slowly moves on with a razor in his hand to see Ingrid who is fast asleep and then he comes down the stairs to see that Dr.Brulov is still reading, I came to edge of the seat and was wondering will Peck kill the Doctor, No he is the hero of this movie, he will not do that, but he is under the spell something might happen. Nothing happened when the scene opens and further Dr.Brulov says he sedated Peck when he saw he had a razor in his hand. That scene was great, absolutely marvelous, here Hitchcock presence is felt he is the real master of suspense thriller.

spellbound red

During the climax when Dr.Murchison aims Ingrid when she boldly goes out of the office the gun turns to the camera and fires, the frame seemed different for me so I paused and find out that the frame is in colour but the movie is black and white a great creativity of Alfred Hitchcock.


Video from youtube. I am not the real uploader. The credit goes to the uploader behuppyforever.


Spellbound an enchanting movie.

Jan 27, 2013




Angry Birds is a video game developed by Rovio Entertainment.
This game has wingless birds, the first game was first released for Apple's iOS in December 2009.
More than  1 Billion downloads has been made which has prompted the company to design  different
versions for smartphones with various platforms like Android, Symbian and Windows operating




Smurfs' Village is a game for the smartphones and Android-compatible tablets where players
must help our blue buddies rebuild their home after Gargamel discovers it and scatters the
Smurfs throughout the forest. The game features popular Smurfs like Brainy Smurf, Papa Smurf,
and Smurfette. The  objective of the game is to build a better village.



Draw Something is a free Pictionary. Its an online drawing game. The opponent gets a reward for
guessing the drawing in real-time. So, you can't play the game in off-line.




Pool Pro Online is a 3D live billiards game.



Fruit Ninja is a juicy game downloaded by millions of players around the world, with diferent

types of  fruits like apple, orange, water mellon getting splashed and destructed with every slash.



Jan 16, 2013



On comparison, driving a Car is safer and comfortable than a Bike. But traffic snarls and parking space are the demerits. But a new C-1 Bike overcomes these demerits. C-1 Bike  is encased in a metal shell like a car and has a steering wheel just like a car with foot pedals. C-1 bike can speed up to 200 kilometers per hour and can cover distance up to 320 kilometers on a full battery charge.

Mr. Daniel Kim, CEO of Lit Motors, has developed the C-1 Bike. C-1 is designed with two big gyroscopes to keep it from tipping over. C-1 Bike is targeted to middle aged group between 45 - 60 years, who are concerned about safety and a both  bike and car drive feeling. C-1 is apt for both urban and suburban areas. Already more than 250 people have registered for C-1 Bike.