Jul 22, 2014




We are born to live happily and peacefully. But when we become sick, we have to depend on others. Some times it becomes a burden for others when their is no chance for recovery. Today medical treatments have become more expensive and more unethical from private hospitals.


When we believe in rebirth, euthaniasia will not be crime. It will helpful for the helpless soul to reboot. What if all the ICUs get filled up with patients who have no chance of recovery.

Poor and the middle class society can not afford top class treatment. More over our country have a huge population. The ratio of doctors vs patients is so negligable, it is the right time to go head with a systemic and legal frame work for euthanasia.

Jul 20, 2014

My school days


My school days were very pleasent. Walking all the way from school to home was great fun.
Catching butterflies, catterpillers, bugs, dragonfly with friends was great fun. Plucking berries and flowers from bushes and plants were interesting. I can very well remember rushing to home to wait and watch JainRobt with great exictement.
But today children do not enjoy out door activities. They get hooked to Cartoon stories and games. A lot of exposture to out door avtivites do help us to get physical and mental strength.
Today children are missing out a great adventure we had in our school days.
If Iam right please comment and share.

Jul 14, 2014

நில் கவனி செல்

நில் கவனி செல்

சாலையில் தினமும் செல்லூம்
வழிவிடு வழிவிடு என்று
கதறூம் ஆம்புளன்ஸ்
நாம் யாவறும் வழிவிட்டு
நிற்போம் உய்ர்
காக்க நம்பி

108 நமக்கு ஓர்
நம் பாதூகாப்பு நமதூ
குடும்பத்தின் நட்டின் நலன்
கருதி - நில் கவனி செல்!

Jun 20, 2014


பூவிற்கு தெறியும் உனக்கு தெரியுமா?

ஜம்பூதங்கனள உண்டு
மொட்டாக தவம்கிடந்து
மஞ்சள் பூசி மலர்ந்தேன் - பூவாக
இன்று !

வண்டுகள் தீண்ட
வாண்டுகள் ரசிக்க
விளங்குகள் கசக்க நான்

காற்மேக கூந்தலில் கிருடமாக
அல்லது ஆண்டவன் பாதத்தில்
பூஷ்பமாக இருந்தால் பயனோ?
அல்லது மாலையில் வதங்கி
ஊதிற்வதோ என் ஜெனனம்?

எது நடந்தாலூம் என் பயனம்
முடிவதில்லை - ஐம்பூதங்கள் இறுக்கும்
வரை, பிறப்பதும் இறப்பதும் என் கடமை
மகிழ்வதும் மகுடம் சூடுவதும்
அவர் அவர் உரிமை.

Jun 8, 2014

Mysore Tour

Colorful waters sprinkled on my face, and I woke up from my dream. A hot summer lazy day was boring and made me keep thinking what to do. But a dream was pleasant and new. I came out from the bed room and saw my mother packing a red trolley suitcase. I hugged my mother and asked what’s up today.My mother smiled and said a two day trip to Mysore is being planned today.I was surprised and went back to bedroom and woke up my sister to inform her. My sister asked mother when Are we going, how we are going, mothers reply was only an order to go to the wash room.My father simply said to help my mother for trip arrangements. Every now and then our eyes kept watching the Wall clock and to wait for my father’s call. Finally father said taxi will pick up as at 7.30 pm to drop as at Chennai central. When we reached central, I was excited to move the trolley suitcase. It was great fun moving the bag like a toy train. We waited for the more than for an hour watching people moving on the platform. The train Kaviery express arrived on platform eleven with scratching sound and we moved to coach no S13. The coach was close to the engine. We got settled in our seats and waited for the train to start. The summer night was also very hot and we happen to travel in a second class sleeper only. The Ticket Collector took his black over coat from Suitcase and not bothering the sultry night and started to wear the coat. Our co passengers were very helpful to oblige and offer their lower berth for my mother and sister. Our coach was close to the engine and felt sudden jerks and thud sounds often. The journey was pleasant and we slept in between crackling sounds. Early morning the train stopped at Mandaya and vendors were selling tea, newspapers and water bottles. Everywhere we saw lush green Paddy and sugarcane plantations. The breeze was cool and we could see water cannels every few kilometers. Some times I felt like a poet on seeing beautiful sun rays falling on flowers and weeds crawling near railway tracks. We reached Mysore station at 7.30 am and took a auto to hotel paradise. After breakfast we traveled in a taxi to Chamundi temple and worshiped goddess Chamundi. From the Chamundi hills we were able to see the Mysore city. It was wonderful. Near the Chamundi temple a big Nandi temple was beautifully and a great attraction for children. We came down the hills watching the Mysore city.

We went to wax gallery, which had models decorated with wax, depicting Indian culture art and music. In the visitors book someone has remarked 'badly maintained and disgusting. I thought some how he was right. Next we went to a nearby sand gallery. It was small but covered almost all major religions and Mysore palace. It was fine effort by the artist to maintain the gallery in an open space. In the afternoon we had lunch at hotel Siddhartha. The food was not good. We went to see the zoo. The zoo was vast and vey big, so battery car were also available. The zoo was well maintained and interesting to see various species of birds and animals. Separate enclosures for snakes were also kept. It was amazing to see giraffes and elephants roaming around big enclosures. When we finished and came to the exit point we were unable to walk. Then we proceeded to the Brindavan gardens. It took 30 minutes from the zoo. The Krishna Sagar dam and the Brindavan gardens were very beautiful to seen in the evening with ray of lights glooming everywhere. It was interesting to see the dancing color fountain dancing to top hit songs. We came back to hotel had dinner and felt very tired.
Next morning we went to Srirangapattinum an old historic city. The Ranganather temple was an old temple well maintained. Nearby we visited a demolished fort of Tipusultan. Tipusultan tomb was behind the fort. It was from this place Tip sultan dead body was found. Tipusultan museum was very informative and had beautiful mural paintings regarding war and the monarch family. Weapons used during the period was displayed. The museum was under renovation. We went back to Mysore to visit the palace. The place was so huge and we used battery car to go around the place. The palace is great example of Indian architectural brilliance.Paintings and wood carvings depict our Indian art and culture. Afternoon we had lunch and went to shopping. My mother bought a Mysore silk sari and we bought a wrist Watch both for me and my sister.We went back to our hotel to prepare for departure to Chennai. We had light dinner in the hotel and checked out. We got dropped in the cab at the railway station and said good bye to Mysore. We came back to Chennai with good memories of the trip. The trip helped us to understand wild life and history. Thank you all and we look forward to our next summer trip another historic place.