Jul 22, 2014




We are born to live happily and peacefully. But when we become sick, we have to depend on others. Some times it becomes a burden for others when their is no chance for recovery. Today medical treatments have become more expensive and more unethical from private hospitals.


When we believe in rebirth, euthaniasia will not be crime. It will helpful for the helpless soul to reboot. What if all the ICUs get filled up with patients who have no chance of recovery.

Poor and the middle class society can not afford top class treatment. More over our country have a huge population. The ratio of doctors vs patients is so negligable, it is the right time to go head with a systemic and legal frame work for euthanasia.

Jul 20, 2014

My school days


My school days were very pleasent. Walking all the way from school to home was great fun.
Catching butterflies, catterpillers, bugs, dragonfly with friends was great fun. Plucking berries and flowers from bushes and plants were interesting. I can very well remember rushing to home to wait and watch JainRobt with great exictement.
But today children do not enjoy out door activities. They get hooked to Cartoon stories and games. A lot of exposture to out door avtivites do help us to get physical and mental strength.
Today children are missing out a great adventure we had in our school days.
If Iam right please comment and share.

Jul 14, 2014

நில் கவனி செல்

நில் கவனி செல்

சாலையில் தினமும் செல்லூம்
வழிவிடு வழிவிடு என்று
கதறூம் ஆம்புளன்ஸ்
நாம் யாவறும் வழிவிட்டு
நிற்போம் உய்ர்
காக்க நம்பி

108 நமக்கு ஓர்
நம் பாதூகாப்பு நமதூ
குடும்பத்தின் நட்டின் நலன்
கருதி - நில் கவனி செல்!