Feb 22, 2015

Two And A Half Men

One of America’s most successful comedy series with 262 episodes spanning 12 seasons “Two And A Half Men” ended this week. The series kicked off with Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) a jingles writer who is feared of commitment, lives in beach front property in Malibu. In the first episode he was joined by his divorced brother and Chiropractor Dr.Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) and his growing son Jake (Angus T.Jones) (2 1/2 men).

These 3 people hilarity continued upto Season 8 after Charlie Sheen’s disparaging comments about the series creator Chuck Lorre ended the season abruptly. The series continued without Charlie Sheen, new character, Internet billionaire Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) buys the beach house and asks Alan and Jake to continue to stay with him. 

Finally in season 12 Walden Schmidt marries Alan pretending to be gay couple for adopting a baby. The show titled “Of course he’s dead” concluded somewhat satisfying the audience. 

The final episode was very much hilarious and had many guest stars surprisingly the action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger did a cameo as Lieutenant Wagner who briefly describes the story of the series in ten seconds.Another interesting cameo is Christian Slater who is kept in custody because he looked like Charlie Harper.  I do not want to write much about the final episode it might spoil the viewing.

Of the above persons Jon Cryer appeared in all the 262 episodes of the series and he had won best supporting actor in a comedy series and also best lead actor in a comedy series.

Sure we will miss Two And A Half Men.

Main casts of the show:

Charlie Harper Charlie Sheen
Dr.Alan Harper Jon Cryer
Walden Schmidt Ashton Kutcher
Jake Harper (Alan’s son) Angus T.Jones
Berta (house keeper) Conchata Ferrell
Evelyn Harper (Harper’s mother) Holland Taylor
Judith Harper (Alan’s ex wife) Marin Hinkle
Rose (stalker and neighbour) Melanie Lynskey
Lyndsey Courtney Thorne Smith
Dr.Herb Melnick (Judith 2nd husband) Ryan Stiles

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