Dec 31, 2015

Review: The Silent Bullet

The Silent Bullet The Silent Bullet by Arthur Benjamin Reeve
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Arthur Benjamin Reeves collections of detective short stories, the protagonist is Craig Kennedy. Craig was professor of chemistry and his friend Walter is the staff of The Star (newspaper) the story is told form the perspective of Walter.

1. The Silent Bullet
2. The Scientific Cracksman
3. The Bacteriological Detective
4. The Deadly Tube
5. The Seismograph Adventure
6. The Diamond Maker
7. The Azure Ring
8. Spontaneous Combustion
9. The Terror in the Air
10.The Black Hand
11. The Artificial Paradise
12. The Steel Door

The Silent bullet is the shortest story and the last two The Artificial paradise and The Steel door are the longest. I liked the story of The silent bullet, The Diamond maker, the Scientific Cracksman, The Bacteriological Detective and The Terror in the Air.

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