Jan 3, 2016

Review: 177 Dumbest Criminal Stories - International

177 Dumbest Criminal Stories - International 177 Dumbest Criminal Stories - International by Leonard Birdsong
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I got this book as free for kindle. I expected much more humor from this book but disappointing. The author Leonard Birdsong has given a nice and brief introduction to each country and their law makers. And sometimes the law of the land allows some to escape.

A couple of news I find humorous is given below:

1. (Germany) Hello... Hello.. Police in Coburg recently pulled over a suspected drunken driver. They asked him to blow into a Breathalyzer, but the main thought it was a cell phone and tried to use it to call his lawyer. "We didn't really need the reading," one officer contended. "There aren't many sober people who would do that.

2. (Canada) A letter carrier refused to deliver mail to a home in Winnipeg because one of the front steps was two inches higher than the 12 inch step requirement limit that the Canadian post office puts on private homes. The homeowner is appealing the decision, but he may have to use more email.

3. (Canada) Police are trying to clear the name of a man suspected of killing his wife back in the 1960's when she disappeared. Marvin Johnson, who died in the 1990's, became a suspect because he didn't report his wife, Lucy, missing until she had been gone for four years. Police in a Vancouver suburb highlighted the cold case recently and discovered that Lucy had simply left and remarried and was living under a different name in a different town. looks like Gone Girl story

4. (Canada) A family in Guelph, Ontario that had not realized their home had been burglarized were surprised to get all their stolen possessions back the next day with an apology. When the family arrived back home after a short trip they hadn't noticed a screen door had been cut and an Xbox and digital camera were missing. The next morning they found a plastic bag hanging on the front door containing the electronics, $450 to fix the door and an anonymous not stating, "I have been having a very hard time financially lately and I made the worst mistake of my life. (A good thief)

5. (Brazil) One woman who stood for an election was arrested in her car she had in possession leaflets each having a package of heroin. (To get votes politicians tend to give money but heroin!)

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