Jan 14, 2016

Review: Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy

Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy by Jim Marrs
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An exhaustive book to know the conspiracy behind JFK assassination. For the first timers I recommend to watch the Zapruder film available in you tube and the Dealey plaza map.

My knowledge of Oswald is the killer was changed after watching JFK movie. The Zapruder film captured the fatal frontal shot of Kennedy. The author Jim Marrs had written well researched account. The wealth of evidence including rare photos, documents and interviews reveals that Oswald was a patsy. The lone gun man theory the magic bullet etc. vanishes in thin air.

Jim Marrs had given the details in four big chapters:





The book has 700 odd pages to read if someone find difficult to read every page, I recommend to read the Part I and jump to Part IV which will give you an insight into the conspiracy.

Spoiler alert:
The acoustics study from the motorcade radio captured nine distinct gun shots, after examination four are real gun shots. The three bullet fired from Book depository snipers nest become invalid and also the Altgens photo which captured when the first bullet hit JFK in the throat shows Oswald in front of the Texas book depository building!

The book is a very good read. Unputdownable.

Excerpts from the author which I like to quote:

"From this point on, there would be no further contact between the individuals who initiated the plot and those who carried it out. Consequently, there is little likelihood that the originators of the plot will ever be identified or brought to justice. However, the broad outlines of the plot can be discerned by diligent study of all available assassination information."

"A world-class assassin was recruited – perhaps Michael Victor Mertz, the shadowy Frenchman with both crime and intelligence connections, or even an unknown but competent shooter like John Christian."

"President Kennedy was killed in a military style ambush orchestrated by elements within the US government that included the military with the active assistance of organized crime.
Pressure from the top thwarted any truthful investigation.
It was an American coup d'état."

"What then is the legacy of president John F.Kennedy ? The fact is that we will never know. His presidency always will be remembered not for what he did , but for what he might have done.
These five conspirators in my opinion, were Lyndon B.Johnson, J.Edgar Hoover, the Mafia, the CIA and the Cubans in Florida."

In the Likely scenario the author gives a better explanation how and by whom JFK was assassinated. And finally I like to give the last line of the book.

"One can still hear the said sad spirit of John F.Kennedy echoing from Dealey Plaza:
Et tu, Lyndon?"

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