Feb 10, 2016

Review: The Doomsday Testament

The Doomsday Testament The Doomsday Testament by James Douglas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mathew Sinclair, Jamie Saintclair, Sarah Grant and Walter Brohm these are the four significant characters involved in this novel.

Hundreds of years before a meteor crashes in Tibet which creates a large crater on impact. The people worshiped the meteor, they made a gold casket for holding the stone. That energy stone is called Sun stone in the story. When Nazi rule was in prime, Walter Brohm takes an expedition and get holds the Sun Stone, he researches for harnessing its energy, during World War II, Hitler was looking for a breakthrough in Nuclear fusion weapons he finds that they cannot harness this Sun stone energy and Hitler fears that it might destroy his country. Further the research was halted, but SS headed by Heinrich Luitpold Himmler patronizes Walter Brohm to continue. Unfortunately Germany was facing defeat from both ends. Walter Brohm hides the research papers and painting of Raphael in a hide out.

During the end of the war US paperclip project brings Brohm's hope, he negotiates with US and his trump card is the Sun stone. What happened to Walter Brohm and the Sun Stone remains a mystery.

An art historian Jamie Saintclair founds that his Grand Father Mathew Sinclair was dead due to a fall from steps. Jamie gets Mathews journal, he reads and comes to know about the lost painting of Raphael and Walter Brohm. Jamie tries to get the grasp of the story, he meets aged Mathews friend who is in the hospital. He gets further info regarding the stolen painting of Raphael but soon he was also found dead in a hospital.

Jamie starts his journey to find out the painting of Raphael, he gets a company along the way, Sarah Grant (her character much predictable) both goes in search of the painting but they get more than what they bargained for.

Industrialist Howard Vanderbilt, Assassin Fredrick, the countries China and Israel are all searching for the Sun Stone, Jamie who is not aware of such things get involved in the dangerous trap. The story goes from one country to another, palaces, mountains, bunkers, forests etc.

The question still remains what happened to the Sun Stone and who gets it? A fabulous novel, the author has given a note at the end of the book of how the journal was written for the story.

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