Feb 15, 2016

Review: Stone of Fire

Stone of Fire Stone of Fire by J.F. Penn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A nice thriller from J.F.Penn, I received this eBook as free from Amazon. The story is about to gather the Pentecost stones also known as the stones of 12 apostles. And all these stones are scattered over the sacred places of earth. Once every thousand years a comet named as Resurgam will appear, during that period when these 12 stones are gathered will give unknown powers to the possessor.

Present time the comet is going to appear, thousand year legends becomes fact. Dr.Morgan Sierra and her twin sister are possessing two of the 12 stones, Morgans sister and her daughter is kidnapped, to save her, Morgan enters the search with ARKANE a secret government organisation, a team member Jake Timber is given the task to work along with Morgan to find the Pentecost stones before it falls into the evil organisation Thanatos. Not only them another rich and maniac Joseph Everett who wants to save his twin brother Michael (hospitalized in St Bartholomew's private psychiatric Hospital) badly needs the stones.

How Dr.Morgan and Jake gets back all the stones will be revealed in a thrilling globe trotting novel "Stone of Fire". The climax is superb a fitting finish to the novel. And also a sequel might follow for Dr.Morgan.

The author has given a detailed information about the facts and fictions of her story. The locations in the book starting from India, England, Spain, Iran, Italy, Israel, Tunisia and USA. The Biosphere in the novel is a real place which the author has used her skillful imagination for the climax.

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