Feb 27, 2016

Review: Superman Exposed: The Incredible Story of the Man of Steel

Superman Exposed: The Incredible Story of the Man of Steel Superman Exposed: The Incredible Story of the Man of Steel by Dean King
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Superman, the Man of Tomorrow, Man of Steel is one of my favourite Super Hero characters. After reading this book I came to understand that I know very little about Man of Steel. This book is a good read. Joe Shuster derived the name for Superman alter ego "Clark Kent" from two movie actors Clark Gable and Kent Taylor. Superman' love interest Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane character was modeled from Jerry Siegel's wife Joanne Carter. The fictional city Metropolis was named after the Fritz Lang movie Metropolis (1927).

I came to know that the concept of Superman was made way back in 1933, but it took nearly 5 years to reach the print. Jerry and Joe prepared the story for comic book adaption but when they were turned down they changed it for paper strip for Newspaper, but again they were unfortunate.

In earlier stories Superman's personality portrayed by his two creators (Jerry and Joe) as rough, aggressive, with loose moral code and violent. Nowadays we may find this fact as unbearable, as his early depiction of Superman is quite different. In Action comics #1, his character championed for the oppressed and the helpless against munitions manufacturers, hit-and-run drunk drivers, con-men, corrupt businessmen, crooked cops and domestic offenders like wife beaters and child abusers.

Later the change in story department and time, Superman who was once able to leap tall buildings now started to fly around the world. During the earlier part of 1950s Superman was given more powers like heat vision and the ability to breathe in space. He was also shown as being able to travel through time. Subsequently his opponents became more fantastic and powerful as well. On his eating habits, not only that Superman has been depicted as a vegetarian but in some comics he is depicted as an omnivore.

The famous phrase "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap building in a single bound", was first coined by Jay Morton for the Superman radio serials.

Earlier Man of Steel's home is known as Secret Citadel, then it got changed to crystallized building "Fortress Of Solitude" which lies some where in Polar region.

The author Dean King has neatly given the details of when the radio show was broadcasted, insights into several cartoon shows from 1940s to 1990s, the actors who took the mantle of Superman in TVs and as well in movies.

This book has less pages, is treasure trove for Superman fans.

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