Mar 14, 2016

Review: Day of the Vikings

Day of the Vikings Day of the Vikings by J.F. Penn
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I received this novella from the author as free give away. Dr.Morgan Sierra's fifth adventure, titled "Day Of The Vikings". As instructed by ARKANE (Arcane Religious Knowledge And Numinous Experience Institute) a research centre for investigating super natural mysteries, Morgan visits Neo-Classical London Museum to investigate an artifact of Viking ritual objects particularly the staff of Skara Brae. Blake Daniel, a researcher takes Morgan a short tour of Vikings. As Morgan takes the staff for inspection the place explodes and the Noe-Vikings and Volva or Seeress takes control of the museum.

Morgan and Blake comes to know that they are after the staff. Blake who has the gift of psychometry, holds the staff for Morgan and he gets the visions of the Vikings taking over an island and killing the monks and grabbing the treasure, he also visualize couple of monks escaping in a boat.

Volva asks Morgan to return the staff so she can release the hostages, Morgan accepts and gives the staff to her. With the help of the staff she easily escapes from the museum. Later with assistance from Blake's gift Morgan goes in search of the Staff and the eye of Odin.

What happens to the Staff of Skara Brae and the Eye of Odin? And did Morgan gets back the staff to ARKANE is the remaining part of the story.

At the end of the story the Author J.F.Penn has given information about how she was inspired by the TV series "Game of Thrones". The places attacked by Vikings mentioned in the story are real, she has embellished the Viking research to create this novella.

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