Mar 30, 2016

Review: Masks of the Lost Kings

Masks of the Lost Kings Masks of the Lost Kings by Tom Bane
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The book "Masks of the Lost Kings" is about connecting death masks of Egyptian Pharaoh Tut-ankh-amun and Mayan King Pacal to unlocking the hidden code. Under the tutelage of Oxford Professor and Egyptologist Henry Piper, Suzy da Silva wishes to acquire a PhD on the study about the connection between Ancient Egypt and Christianity and also the links between the Amarna Period, Tut-ankh-amun and Christianity.

The study was privately funded by Horus Corporation. She along with Japanese bodyguard Getuzu take up the journey and visits Egypt, there she meets not only the academics for her thesis but also assassins. On her way Mayanology Professor George Logan's son an academic Tom Brooking join hands with Suzy. The story shifts to South America, Palenque, tomb of King Pacal. Both Suzy and Tom finds the significance of the numbers 26 and 37.

What is so special about the number and why it is subtly portrayed in the death masks and jewellery of Tut-ankh-amun and King Pacal is the rest of the story.

The story is fast phased, the author had given back ground of Suzy's character exhaustively. And as mentioned in author's page that he has well balanced the story with science and beliefs.

I noticed one small error in the book "the sphinx is known as narasimha, or man-lion, in Sri Lanka, home of the Buddha," Narasimha is half man and half lion is partly right but Sphinx has the head of human and body of a Lion whereas Narasimha has Lion head and human body, another one is Sri Lanka home of Buddha is wrong.

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