Mar 25, 2016

Review: The Messiah Conspiracy: The Race to Clone Jesus Christ (Book Two)

The Messiah Conspiracy: The Race to Clone Jesus Christ (Book Two) The Messiah Conspiracy: The Race to Clone Jesus Christ (Book Two) by Ian C.P. Irvine
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This is the second part of "The Messiah Conspiracy: The Race to Clone Jesus Christ", Jason for his D.Phil tries to clone Son of God from the blood sample obtained from the crown of thorns. The first part of the book ends where the Crown of Thorns was switched by America and both the countries are in race to clone God.

Second part continues with the difficulties faced by both the teams in cloning Jesus. Patrick one of the MI5 agent intervenes the professor and Jason and backs the plan of cloning and assures them that MI5 will be their guardian angel.

As suspected American President Jamieson sends Little Johnny to assassinate the entire team and the rest of the story becomes a thriller, what will happen to IGEGGM team did they really cloned Jesus Christ, did America succeeded in the race, if then what happens to cloned Jesus? all these questions is answered in the end. The book concludes nicely without hurting anybody's sentiments.

God curing Tina (Tim's daughter) from cancer chapter made my eyes glistened, I know this is a story and also I can understand why this particular chapter affected me because I lost my mother to cancer. The words spoken by Jesus to Tina.... Tina, get up from your bed and go downstairs to your mother she is sad and needs you. Tell her not to be sad anymore. Tell her their prayers of love have been answered.

This novel is a page turner, made me to sit and read till mid night. Some of the lines which I like to highlight are:

1. Maybe God made man in his image but man can't make God in man's image.

2. Nature has its own course and you shouldn't tamper with it.

3. God will have created the embryo, not you or I. We are just puppets in His game. Pawns completing the last few moves of an intricate and long and drawn out game of Chess that goes back thousands of years in time.

4. It flew away from them, rising into the blue sky above, a white dove of peace, climbing and climbing until it was far from sight.

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