Mar 7, 2016

Review: The Secret Price of History

The Secret Price of History The Secret Price of History by Gayle Ridinger
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The story is about linking the 19th Century real and fictional characters and 21st century fictional characters with a gold medallion. The authors have done a great work of inter weaving and brilliantly using the period of Garibaldi who is on his way to unify Italy from the opposition of Napoleon III.

Three marvelous characters Eleonora Serlupi, Gofferdo and Sandor gets introduced. Gofferdo is cheese maker and Sandor is a militant, an Hungarian. Both Gofferdo and Sandor Kemenj takes part in Garibaldi's battles, Eleonora nurses the wounded. A triangle love is formed, they get a gold medallion and vial from a church which they share among themselves.

The medal becomes a curse, unknown to them what secret the medal holds. Napoleon III and his emissaries are in search of the medal which holds the treasure, the treasure which dates back to the period of Darius III who hides it before the attack of Alexander the Great. Gerard Audeoud one of the emissary of Napoleon III tries his best for the medallion but was killed.

The story flows back and forth from 19th century to 21st century. In present day the gold medallion is with the family of Eleonora, Angie Cebrelli. She happens to see the news of a person been murdered in Mithreaum temple and a photo copy of the gold medallion. That persons family helps Angie for her travel plans.

An Indian, Arjan Gupta who is a professor and his friend Damien Brandeau an American citizen in Italy doing archaeological findings were researching about the lost medallion. They get in touch with Angie. Subsequently Vatican's inner echelon and Damien's father and his sister are after the treasure.

Angie was attacked and Dardanoni the inspector provides help and understands the significance of the Alexanders medallion and its rich treasure. Did they solved the mystery, how the medallion lands into Eleonora, what happened to Sandor and Gofferdo, what happens to the greedy Suzanne Brandeau and Marc Alexander Brandeau forms the remaining part of the story. The ending is perfect.

I find couple of spelling mistakes one such is "About ten minutes ago, the police chef continued, which should be chief.

I liked the Eleonora character, she is strong and unpredictable, she actively takes part with Red shirts in Italy and as well as to support for Garibaldi in America. Like real life her character, in her final years loses her interest in politics and retires calmly she often takes long walks.

Some quotes I like to share from the book "The Secret Price of History" are:

Science is only a weapon in the hands of the atheists.

Faith might be a Christian's armor but his gun was the way to defend that faith against his enemies.

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