Apr 23, 2016

Review: The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my second book on Robin Sharma. The first one is "Who will cry when you die" this book did not disappoint me. Jonathan Landry (main character) who has the difficulty in spending time with his family and his wife lives separately. In this circumstances his cousin "The monk who sold is Ferrari" Julian asks Jonathan to collect nine mystical artefacts which he had given to his friends around the World for safe keeping. On completing the task Jonathan understands the significance of his life and the mistakes he made and also the answers.

I like to quote some from this book:

1. You see, building my net worth had become less interesting to me than discovering myself worth.

2. Life itself is a journey after all, and what matters most is not what you are getting but who your are becoming.

3. The saddest thing is that this is often all we understand about ourselves, that so often we live our neighbour's life, instead of our own.

4. Doesn't matter where you are going, just who you are becoming.

5. The way we do small things determines the way that we do everything. If we execute our minor tasks well, we will also excel at our larger efforts. Mastery then becomes our way of being. But more than this each tiny effort builds on the next, so that brick by brick, magnificent things can be created great confidence grows and uncommon dreams are realized. the truly wise recognize that small daily improvements always lead to exceptional results over time.

6. We grow fearless by doing those things we fear.

7. Bravery isn't really something you feel. It's something you show.

8. What holds us back in life is the invisible architecture of fear. It keeps us in our comfort zones, which are, in truth the least safe places in which we live.

9. Every time we step into the discomfort of growth and progress, we become more free,. The more fears we walk through, the more power we reclaim. In this way, we grow both fearless and powerful, and thus are able to live the lives of our dreams.

I got this book by Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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Apr 19, 2016

Review: THE ORIGIN OF THE NAME OF GOD AND HIS TRUE IDENTITY. Synopsis and Translation of the Phoenician, Ugaritic, Canaanite, Sumerian, Akkadian, and Assyrian Tablets.

THE ORIGIN OF THE NAME OF GOD AND HIS TRUE IDENTITY. Synopsis and Translation of the Phoenician, Ugaritic, Canaanite, Sumerian, Akkadian, and Assyrian Tablets. THE ORIGIN OF THE NAME OF GOD AND HIS TRUE IDENTITY. Synopsis and Translation of the Phoenician, Ugaritic, Canaanite, Sumerian, Akkadian, and Assyrian Tablets. by Maximillien de Lafayette
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very interesting to read, the author had pointed out how the word Yahweh formed. And word for God is the same for Christian and Muslims.

I was awestruck when I found the similarities between not Mesopotamian with Christian and Muslim god, but with Hindu god Shiva and Krishna. I give below the image and the paragraph from the book.

 photo Lord Shiva With Ganga on his head_zpsinekmpm5.jpg

(Image courtesy Kannan Payyan - blogger)

From the book: Numerous Mesopotamian slabs and seals depicted Ea "Enki" as an imposing god seated on a high throne with four or five streams of water (in the form of rivers) emanating from and/or around his shoulders.

Another one I like to quote with image is:

 photo Brooklyn_Museum_-_Krishna_Conquers_the_Serpent_Kaliya_Page_from_a_Dispersed_Bhagavata_Purana_Series_zpsibuiel12.jpg

(Image courtesy Wikipedia, uploaded as a donation by the Brooklyn Museum) Krishna Conquers the Serpent Kaliya.

From the book: In the Phoenician-Ugaritic story of "Baal cycle", the Phoenician god Baal-Hadad fought the Lotan "Tannin" (dragon) the seven headed serpent-dragon of the sea located at a close proximity to Ugarit and Israel.

Though Kaliya sometimes shown as 5 headed serpent and in some has 1000 headed serpent. Similarity is noticeable.

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Apr 17, 2016

Review: The Genghis Tomb

The Genghis Tomb The Genghis Tomb by Daniel Leston
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this book on Kindle unlimited.

The year 1166 AD, a boy Temujen returns with his catch and goes to the hideout to feed his mother and brothers, that the boy is the future Genghis khan, the great Mongolian Emperor who unified the various mongol clans and found a largest contiguous empire in the history after his death.

Year 1912 Valentin Sedov the Chief Surveyor on the Amur-Baikal Mistral founds one leather wrapped horn, after many years it finds a place in the office of David Manning through his friend Nick whose great grandfather is Valentin sedov. He runs a test for radio carbon dating and finds out that the unusual horn dates to 1220 AD. Manning's mischievous sons plays with the horn and breaks the leather sheath and the horn reveals an Uighur script.

The script was deciphered by Nicks friend Vladimir Tsakiagiin (shortly Vlad) who works in National University of Mongolia. He asks David to pay a visit to Mongolia with the journal of Valentin.

David reaches Ulan Bator, Mongolia he comes to know that the horn is a map of Genghis tomb, thought to be in Burkhan Khaldun. The Mongolian President Dashiin Elbegdors lends a helping hand for the expedition. Same time China and Russia intercepts the fax messages between David and Vlad. The Chinese Primeier Li Peiyan appoints Colonel Wu Tao to intercept and foil the plan of finding the tomb. On the other hand Russia who is ally of Mongolia and without Mongolia's knowledge sends Major Feliks Mikhailovich Nikitin (shortly Nikitin) to help the team.

As per the map an Uriangut shaman has secretly hidden the jade key which is needed to find the final resting place of Genghis Khan. David, his wife Elizabeth, Vlad and his assistant Zayaa brainstorms over the script.

To find out the jade key they travel to India and meets the Dalai Lama. What happens to the team did they find the jade key? Colonel Wu sends an assassin Zheng to grab the jade key before it lands into the hand of David.

What happens to David Manning and his team did they find the tomb of Genghis Khan, what happens to the plans of Russia and China? all these are revealed in the end.

I find couple of spelling mistakes. One such is "Zayaa may have to readjust his schedule.." Zayaa is a girl.

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Review: The Revelation Room

The Revelation Room The Revelation Room by Mark Tilbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all I am not able to believe that Mark Tilbury's first novel is this book, he has beautifully written.

The character Ben who is the protagonist is an ordinary Joe, who works in a home office, he do not have any special skill but one he is a ventriloquist. He gets an emergency call from his dad who is a private investigator, he is on a search of a missing teenager girl, Emily Hunt.

Ben's situation looks bleak, how can he find his father and save him, with help from his girlfriend Maddie and encouragement from Father Tom (character looks like the author of this book, Mark Tilbury to me). Ben follows the trail of his father and gets into the secret cult there he suffers the rituals of Edward Ebb (yes the antagonist). Ebb is kind of maniac, always imagines his mother talking to him, who he had killed earlier. How Ben and Maddie saves his father and also the girl Emily Hunt from the clutches of Ebb and his henchmen Bubba, Marcus, Tweezer and Sister Alice, forms the rest of the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the climax is very good. I give 5 stars for this novel.

Update: The second book of Ben Whittle investigation series is now on sale do not miss.

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Apr 13, 2016

Review: Atlantis Stolen

Atlantis Stolen Atlantis Stolen by Christopher Cartwright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The story starts from Dutch Trading Post in the year 1638, one of the worker Albert Olsen discovers Orichalcum when he shovels the sludge from the bank of the river and informs to the Leading Engineer Hank Worthington. He takes a dive and sees there is a sunken city. But his boss Felix Brandt did not heeds to it and silently kills Albert Olsen to suppress the discovery of sunken city to be hidden forever.

The story shifts to present day Dr.Billie Swan after returning from Atlantis and based on the calculation that the World is going to end and she has only 5 weeks to get the Atlantis code to stop the trigger.

On way she was stalked and informs Sam Reilly for help but before Sam gets near Dr.Billie Swan she was kidnapped. Sam finds out that Phoenix Resistance is involved in her kidnapping. Unknown to him is before they take Billie someone took her because she has the knowledge to reach the inner sanctum of Atlantis.

Billie comes to know that she was not kidnapped she has been saved from the clutches of Phoenix resistance by an old man Edward Worthington who is also researching about the Atlantis code. With her help they travel to Five treasures of Snow there they get half code of Atlantis. Not only Sam and Tom were getting behind her but also Andrew Brandt of Phoenix resistance.

Cat and mouse game ensues, Billie gives secret information to Sam to go to Siberia and she travels to get the other half code from Congo.

What happens to Dr.Billie Swan did she get the other half code, what happens to Sam and Tom in Siberia what they find in Tunguska river? what US and Russia did in 1908 in Tunguska, what happens to Andrew Brandt and Phoenix resistance. Did the trio succeed in breaking the code and thereby save mankind all these are answered in the book Atlantis Stolen.

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Apr 11, 2016

Batman V Superman Behind The Scene

Below is the link to the MPC vfx supervisor interview to artofvfx.com, for the movie "Batman V Superman.

In the interview they had said that the hero digital doubles at IMAX resolution and the end battle environment were their biggest challenges on the project.


Photo courtesy Warner bros. Ent.
Full article is given below:


Apr 10, 2016

Review: Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors: How The Luckiest Man in the World Became a Spy

Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors: How The Luckiest Man in the World Became a Spy Trapped in a Hall of Mirrors: How The Luckiest Man in the World Became a Spy by Michael Connick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book as a free giveaway by the author.

I have not read "About the Author" before reading the novel "Trapped in a hall of mirrors" The story is narrated in first person which will tire us soon, but the author Michael Connick cleverly placed some dialogs in between and rushes in some places so the reader will continue to enjoy.

Stephen Connor is a computer programmer who joins the NSA to protect the nation's secure communications. His first job is to translate the Russian documents into English.

After couple of years he was assigned to Iran during the reign of Shah, to help in their program by chance through him KGB mole was found out, and also after Shah's abdication Stephen was issued a fatwa by the Khomeini administration.

He returns to US and he was assigned to Vienna, Austria a work more of less of paid vacation. There he gets a friend Captain Lehner who believes that Stephen is working for CIA on counter espionage after he takes Stephen to Heurige and buys him a Sturm. Lehner asks Stephens help in finding out the mole in STAPO.

Their friendship lands trouble to Stephen and Franz Lehner, the head of the STAPO transfers Lehner. While in Vienna KGB extends their arm to grab Stephen. A computer nerd now becomes a spy by sheer luck.

Ursula and Heinriette were sent by the KGB, but again by luck Stephen survives the ordeal and by the help of CIA, the mole in STAPO was found.

I very much liked the chapters in Vienna, especially the friendship of Lehner and visiting his family, meeting with Ursula and the one night stand.

The story has a lot of potential to be made as a movie.

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Apr 4, 2016

Review: The Last Airship

The Last Airship The Last Airship by Christopher Cartwright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

24.9.1939 Munich Germany is the starting point of the story, as Germany had invaded Poland, Peter Greenstein who had built the Airship Magdalena had one task left that is to save the lives of two rich families and one old friend of his, Fritz Ribbentrop a professor from the University of Berlin. The airship was shot down and crash lands over Alps and fades from history.

After 75 years, Sam Reilly receives an email with JPEG attachment from his friend Kevin Reed, the image is of small gold ingot bearing at its center is the impression of two letters G and O. The search triggers the interest of secret group for the long lost Airship Magdalena. Unknown to him the message he had sent to Kevin Reed kills his friend and he was also tried to be killed. With help from Tom Bower his friend and his new found crush Aliana goes in search of Magdalena.

What happens to Sam, Tom and Aliana, did they succeed in finding the Magdalena and what the airship hides and why Government are so eager to grab at her treasure remains other half of the story.

The novel is fast paced, the author had showcased his knowledge of deep sea diving and mountaineering through his fictional characters. The chapters When Sam and Aliana were trapped in the tunnel and how they try to escape are like watching an action movie.

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