Apr 13, 2016

Review: Atlantis Stolen

Atlantis Stolen Atlantis Stolen by Christopher Cartwright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The story starts from Dutch Trading Post in the year 1638, one of the worker Albert Olsen discovers Orichalcum when he shovels the sludge from the bank of the river and informs to the Leading Engineer Hank Worthington. He takes a dive and sees there is a sunken city. But his boss Felix Brandt did not heeds to it and silently kills Albert Olsen to suppress the discovery of sunken city to be hidden forever.

The story shifts to present day Dr.Billie Swan after returning from Atlantis and based on the calculation that the World is going to end and she has only 5 weeks to get the Atlantis code to stop the trigger.

On way she was stalked and informs Sam Reilly for help but before Sam gets near Dr.Billie Swan she was kidnapped. Sam finds out that Phoenix Resistance is involved in her kidnapping. Unknown to him is before they take Billie someone took her because she has the knowledge to reach the inner sanctum of Atlantis.

Billie comes to know that she was not kidnapped she has been saved from the clutches of Phoenix resistance by an old man Edward Worthington who is also researching about the Atlantis code. With her help they travel to Five treasures of Snow there they get half code of Atlantis. Not only Sam and Tom were getting behind her but also Andrew Brandt of Phoenix resistance.

Cat and mouse game ensues, Billie gives secret information to Sam to go to Siberia and she travels to get the other half code from Congo.

What happens to Dr.Billie Swan did she get the other half code, what happens to Sam and Tom in Siberia what they find in Tunguska river? what US and Russia did in 1908 in Tunguska, what happens to Andrew Brandt and Phoenix resistance. Did the trio succeed in breaking the code and thereby save mankind all these are answered in the book Atlantis Stolen.

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