Apr 17, 2016

Review: The Genghis Tomb

The Genghis Tomb The Genghis Tomb by Daniel Leston
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this book on Kindle unlimited.

The year 1166 AD, a boy Temujen returns with his catch and goes to the hideout to feed his mother and brothers, that the boy is the future Genghis khan, the great Mongolian Emperor who unified the various mongol clans and found a largest contiguous empire in the history after his death.

Year 1912 Valentin Sedov the Chief Surveyor on the Amur-Baikal Mistral founds one leather wrapped horn, after many years it finds a place in the office of David Manning through his friend Nick whose great grandfather is Valentin sedov. He runs a test for radio carbon dating and finds out that the unusual horn dates to 1220 AD. Manning's mischievous sons plays with the horn and breaks the leather sheath and the horn reveals an Uighur script.

The script was deciphered by Nicks friend Vladimir Tsakiagiin (shortly Vlad) who works in National University of Mongolia. He asks David to pay a visit to Mongolia with the journal of Valentin.

David reaches Ulan Bator, Mongolia he comes to know that the horn is a map of Genghis tomb, thought to be in Burkhan Khaldun. The Mongolian President Dashiin Elbegdors lends a helping hand for the expedition. Same time China and Russia intercepts the fax messages between David and Vlad. The Chinese Primeier Li Peiyan appoints Colonel Wu Tao to intercept and foil the plan of finding the tomb. On the other hand Russia who is ally of Mongolia and without Mongolia's knowledge sends Major Feliks Mikhailovich Nikitin (shortly Nikitin) to help the team.

As per the map an Uriangut shaman has secretly hidden the jade key which is needed to find the final resting place of Genghis Khan. David, his wife Elizabeth, Vlad and his assistant Zayaa brainstorms over the script.

To find out the jade key they travel to India and meets the Dalai Lama. What happens to the team did they find the jade key? Colonel Wu sends an assassin Zheng to grab the jade key before it lands into the hand of David.

What happens to David Manning and his team did they find the tomb of Genghis Khan, what happens to the plans of Russia and China? all these are revealed in the end.

I find couple of spelling mistakes. One such is "Zayaa may have to readjust his schedule.." Zayaa is a girl.

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