Apr 4, 2016

Review: The Last Airship

The Last Airship The Last Airship by Christopher Cartwright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

24.9.1939 Munich Germany is the starting point of the story, as Germany had invaded Poland, Peter Greenstein who had built the Airship Magdalena had one task left that is to save the lives of two rich families and one old friend of his, Fritz Ribbentrop a professor from the University of Berlin. The airship was shot down and crash lands over Alps and fades from history.

After 75 years, Sam Reilly receives an email with JPEG attachment from his friend Kevin Reed, the image is of small gold ingot bearing at its center is the impression of two letters G and O. The search triggers the interest of secret group for the long lost Airship Magdalena. Unknown to him the message he had sent to Kevin Reed kills his friend and he was also tried to be killed. With help from Tom Bower his friend and his new found crush Aliana goes in search of Magdalena.

What happens to Sam, Tom and Aliana, did they succeed in finding the Magdalena and what the airship hides and why Government are so eager to grab at her treasure remains other half of the story.

The novel is fast paced, the author had showcased his knowledge of deep sea diving and mountaineering through his fictional characters. The chapters When Sam and Aliana were trapped in the tunnel and how they try to escape are like watching an action movie.

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  1. Liked ur review. Shall grab the novel soon.