Apr 17, 2016

Review: The Revelation Room

The Revelation Room The Revelation Room by Mark Tilbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all I am not able to believe that Mark Tilbury's first novel is this book, he has beautifully written.

The character Ben who is the protagonist is an ordinary Joe, who works in a home office, he do not have any special skill but one he is a ventriloquist. He gets an emergency call from his dad who is a private investigator, he is on a search of a missing teenager girl, Emily Hunt.

Ben's situation looks bleak, how can he find his father and save him, with help from his girlfriend Maddie and encouragement from Father Tom (character looks like the author of this book, Mark Tilbury to me). Ben follows the trail of his father and gets into the secret cult there he suffers the rituals of Edward Ebb (yes the antagonist). Ebb is kind of maniac, always imagines his mother talking to him, who he had killed earlier. How Ben and Maddie saves his father and also the girl Emily Hunt from the clutches of Ebb and his henchmen Bubba, Marcus, Tweezer and Sister Alice, forms the rest of the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the climax is very good. I give 5 stars for this novel.

Update: The second book of Ben Whittle investigation series is now on sale do not miss.

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