May 5, 2016

Review: The 12th Planet

The 12th Planet The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I came to know about this author from the Ancient Aliens series. I became interested in Sumerian civilization and also the clay tablets in my school days. The first 100 pages is slow for reading then it picks up speed when author deals about the 12th planet Nibiru.

Sometime I felt hard to remember the names of the Gods, according to the book some 450,000 years back alien god named Annunaki came to earth for its minerals and some of his men settled (they were also called as Gods, Enki, Enlil etc.) After many years they find difficult to extract the metals which are tiresome for them so they created lulu (man)as a slave!. He says that the gods manipulated the genes of Homo erectus with theirs to create us some 300,000 years back.

Wanted to read the second part of this book.

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