May 5, 2016

Review: The Atlantis Gene

The Atlantis Gene The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dr.Kate Warner is researching for the cure of autism, unknown to her that her research will unleash the next stage of evolution, the Immari who are the sponsors of this research kidnaps the two children the test subjects. The Clock Tower a secret organization was infiltrated and taken from within only couple of agents remains and one is David, the kidnapping and taking of the organisation looks two different but all are related as the story reveals more characters and back story.

David helps Dr.Kate in her escape then they come to know the mystery of Immari and Immaru. They get caught in the thousands of year mystery of Lost city of Atlantis, the project Toba protocol, Die Glocke a Nazi secret weapon which is also the weapon of Atlantis.

The story jumps from country to country and also centuries too. As this is a trilogy some of the questions remains unanswered and cliff hanger climax which clearly gives that we have to read the other two books.

The author has written a multi layered story, a story within a story, Kate and Pierce story as an example. The author has extensively included the Pierce journal I felt why then as the story reaches some extent then I understood the necessity. The author has cleverly used the facts about Spanish Flu to the fictional time line of the story. I had to appreciate the author A.G.Riddle, that he knotted all the stories in the end, some might say this novel is a kind of cheap action but my thoughts differ. I accept that the story drags around 30% and before the climax, I stopped took a one day break and came back for reading. If the author re edits the story it will be more enjoyable to all.

I got this book through Amazon unlimited.

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