May 17, 2016

Review: The Eyes of the Accused

The Eyes of the Accused The Eyes of the Accused by Mark Tilbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have read the The Revelation Room and now Mark Tilbury's The Eyes of the Accused, like the first book this novel did not disappoint me. The author had given great character presentation with a tinge of dark humour. I feel the dash of humour to the narrative is Mark's trademark, I liked his style.

Caution Spoiler:

Below is the spoiler, instead of revealing the story I want to say some on the major characters in the novel. I segregate them into dark (evil) and light (good) Ben Whittle and Maddie belongs to light and Frank Crowley a pervert, Schizophrenic Connie Sykes to dark.

Ben plays a second fiddle in this story as Maddie takes the center stage, she appears more bold more energetic quick thinker then in The Revelation Room. She is not a believer in God but she believes in nature/higher power. Her comforting and giving hope to Hannah is worth mentioning. She becomes a savior not only to Hannah but also to Ben.

Frank Crowley has a habit of watching private lives by installing cameras in their bathroom and bed rooms and he was kicked out of the family home by his aged mother and brother.

Connie on the other hand had killed her baby brother, like Edward Ebb in The Revelation room she also has one talking demon in her head and she call her as the Wolf.

Frank's habit lands him into trouble as Connie was get caught in the tape of drugging Hannah Heath (the missing girl) and kidnapping her. Frank tries to black mail her but his plan crashes, as he falls prey to his greediness.

Though his perversion did not hurt anybody and it is him who identified the real kidnapper, to me Connie who appeared to be a twisted and villainous later as we get grossed into the back story I pity her for the state she is living all these years. The guiltiness in her childhood tormented and remained till to her last breath. Her father who becomes alcoholic after his sons premature death later becomes paranoid and Connie thinks to save him she has to do right things which she thinks kidnapping a pregnant woman and rising the child as his own brother will bring back senses to his beloved father. The end of Connie brings tears to me, poor woman if she had got a good support from her mother, she could not have committed such an offense.

The life of Connie relates to one MGR movie Tamil philosophical song and here is the English translation of that stanza, "Every child are Good at birth, they turn virtuous or wicked by the upbringing of his/her Mother".

Hats off Mark you have done it again. I am eagerly expecting another page turner from you soon. Keep up the good work. Your approach to the story is unique and also wish that this story to be made into film or TV series.

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