Jun 22, 2016

Review: Jesus Was a Time Traveler

Jesus Was a Time Traveler Jesus Was a Time Traveler by D.J. Gelner
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I received this eBook as free download from amazon.

Dr.Phineas Templeton who had devised the time machine sets foot for the first time in the history of mankind for time travel. He chooses to meet Jesus Christ and he finds out that he is also a time traveller. He gives advice that what happened is happened and that noting cannot be changed.
When he tries to return home he finds out that his chances are more than 2.8% the success of reaching desired place and time is 99.9% with 0.1% risk involved. He gets frustrated by the calculations and finds one letter in his compartment which gives precise calculations how to return home safely, the Time table for Time travel:

2.4.1666: Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth, England - Share port with IN
23.1.65,132,571 BC: Isla Yucatan, Mex : Done w/ TR
6.9.532: Chichen Itza, Mex: Save R.C., S.B.
31.12.1985: St. Louis, MO, USA, Communicate w/ VB
13.3.325 : Nicaea, Turkey, Witness C's skepticism at the FEC
18.4.1738: Leipzig, Germany: See the only show in town
17.6.691: Jerusalem: Corner and Deal with T V
6.2.1943: Paris, Seek out VS
6.7.2032 : Baltimore, Home

The scavenger hunt begins and the story becomes exciting as we are on journey with Templeton, he travels to the period of Isaac Newton then hops to Jurassic period then to Mayan period there he saves two characters one is Commander Richard Corcoran and a specialist in time travel Steven Bloomington. Some of the journey are hilarious some are serious.

I enjoyed the Mayan period when Templeton tries to communicate with Mayan people through a Tablet which he took with him in time travel and tries to check the web page for translations and the browser gives the familiar 404 - The page cannot be found, then he thinks how stupid he was that there is no internet in Mayan period.

After all the travel he had done, finally Templeton meets his benefactor now the story takes a twist who is the benefactor? why Templeton had to take the journey mentioned by him and what happens to Corcoran, Bloomington and the hero Templeton remains the rest of the story. I enjoyed the novel and the narration.

The below passage is said Templeton after finishing his journey:

where will I go? Past? Future? Does it matter? My past to change this future, or this future to escape my past?

The author has explained briefly how Templeton's time machine works:

The computer performed an amazing number of calculations per second to flesh out the position of the Earth, not only within the solar system, but also accounting for progression relative to Earth's gravity well.

the mechanism he devised uses the gravity drive and tunnelling lasers as a stirrer, as an artificial gravity semi singularity spins space-time and draws it inward the result is that the very fabric of space-time itself is brought closer together like two points on a table cloth that are drawn nearer when the cloth is formed into a cone.

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