Jun 21, 2016

Review: Superman vs. Predator

Superman vs. Predator Superman vs. Predator by David Michelinie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I borrowed the book from a Library and it is not paper back they just bound the three back to back issues as one comic.

The title is mesmerizing. The Man of Steel against another alien. The cover promised action but I was disappointed that right from the first page Superman is crippled. I thought it should be kryptonite. Later the story reveals that Superman is infected by alien virus spread by the predator.

Star labs visits the crash landed space ship that had carried the predator. Unfortunately the self destruct did not worked because of loose wire! Superman comes to crash landed site and gets the fever.

Same time a villain plans to destroy unfit humans from this earth. Lois gets captured and here comes Superman err. just man with less super powers.

Superman is pitted against Predator and the Scientist. With diminishing power, did Superman really saved mankind remains the rest of the story.

Other than Superman being weakened, the story looks good and entertaining. Art work is not that much great. As mentioned by Jimmy Brown in his review that Superman barely looks the same from panel to panel is worth mentioning.

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