Jul 18, 2016

Review: An Alien, a Time Machine, and a Loser

An Alien, a Time Machine, and a Loser An Alien, a Time Machine, and a Loser by Joey Rogers
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Hello, my name is Skylar Holden. I'm recording this video to explain why I'm probably bullet ridden, radioactive corpse when you watch this video. I was tasked with a mission to save the world from destruction. If I was unsuccessful, you may be able to finish what I started. If I was successful, you can sing songs about how great I was....

I just ate ten kilograms of plutonium - yes, plutonium and that's why my body is radioactive. And my phone the one you are playing this video on is probably radioactive, too..

I'm sure you have some questions. You might be asking why I would eat radioactive material in the first place. Am I crazy? It would be easy for you to think so, but you don't know the details yet. I performed this selfless act to save all of humanity....

You'd better have a seat because the answers are going to be crazy. Did I mention the extra-terrestrial and the time machine?

The above is the first few pages of the novel which made to read this story. Not only that, the word time travel is also a bait for me. The protagonist is Skylar Holden who works as an IT guy in GegoDyne. One day he was abducted by an extra terrestrial who resembles like a Roswell alien and Skylar names him as Alfred.

The alien was Class I Cataloger for the Intergalactic Corp and be has been in our planet for the last 50,000 years. His job is to document the development of humanity. He informs Skylar that he chosen him to save the world as his company GegoDyne will provide Plutonium to terrorist group and he should somehow stop the chain of events.

How a person like Skylar who is intelligent but hates work can save the world remains the novel. The story itself is about a serious issue, but the author had written the novel with dash of humour. Many hilarious dialogs are in the novel I like to quote some:

"You are an interesting individual. I must say, I have never seen anyone work so hard to avoid working" (Skylar who programs a bot which tricks the system that Skylar is working in the premises)

Skylar first meeting with Alfred the alien and when the alien tells him that he is here to document the development of humanity this is what Skylar says:

"Who cares how we developed? Are you all a bunch of alien voyeurs? I asked".

Alfred the alien says why he wants to save humans from destruction.

"How interesting do you think reading a few cave paintings is? They are no graphic novels".

Below two are by Skylar about his education and his dwelling place:

"Went to only school I could afford, Happy Hills Community college a place which was neither happy nor among any hills".

"I lived in a picturesque dump called The Blue Seashore Apartments - which was neither blue nor near the sea".

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