Jul 19, 2016

Review: Phantom-The Star Of Dangalla

Phantom-The Star Of Dangalla Phantom-The Star Of Dangalla by Lee Falk
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A huge gem "Star of Dangalla" was found by an old farmer, a witch doctor and two cronies steal the diamond, when they are about to sell it to Prince Ajiz, our hero The Ghost who walks enters and informs about the stolen gem. The real owner sells the diamond to the prince. Later the prince gets ill and was saved by Dr.Axel. The prince ask how he can repay and the Doctor tells him that the Jungle Hospital needs a children's wing and a home. The prince donates the diamond to Dr.Axel's Jungle Hospital.

To construct the children's wing in the hospital the Doctor plans to sell the diamond in Paris. He hands over the diamond to his son Ben and requests him to be careful. The conversation is over heard by one nurse, her boyfriend Nuri compels her to tell the name of the courier. The trio Nuri, Joe and Zack steals the diamond from Ben and hurts him seriously.

The message reaches the deep woods, Phantom reaches the hospital and finds out that the nurse is hiding something. She reveals her boyfriend name to Phantom.

Meanwhile the diamond thieves who are using the Jungle Hospital Jeep for escape takes hold of pickup truck, Phantom was following the jeep track and founds the owner of the pickup truck. He takes him to County hospital and Phantom on reaching the jungle's edge changes to Mr.Walker. He guesses the thieves should go to underworld dealer to sell the diamond. Phantom goes to The Blue Dragon but the thugs in there mistakes him as a cop incognito. They were thrashed in a minute, Phantom extracts the name of the underworld diamond dealer Fozza the Fence.

Fozza is using the grocery store for the shady business. Before the thieves comes for sale Fozza encounters Phantom. A brief fight ensues and he fells unconscious, then Phantom disguises as Fozza.

On reaching the grocery store the trio starts to argue with themselves, Zack does not believe in Jungle jives, they meets Fozza (Phantom) to sell the diamond. While dealing, the real Fozza wakes up and comes out. Nuri notes the skull mark on Fozza's jaw and instantly recognizes that the disguised man is none other than the Phantom. Like a lightning Phantom along with Devil takes the trios and retrieves the diamond. The Star of Dangalla was returned to the rightful owner Dr.Axel.

The one liners of Phantom, the jungle saying, the costume, the two pistols and the mask without pupils are obsession of my childhood. Since he is not a superhero I even believed that Phantom is living somewhere in Africa.

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  1. beautiful story thanks for your review

    1. Thank you for your comment Mr.Gokul. Like me do you like Phantom character?

    2. I have good collection of phantom I have been collecting comics from 13 years now Iam 52 lot of stories to tell my grand children

    3. I missed the question yes i like the character very very much

    4. Thank you so much for your kind reply. Very happy to interact with fellow phantom fans.

  2. Sounds like quite a story line. It must of been a page turner.