Jul 15, 2016

Review: The Treasure Hunters

The Treasure Hunters The Treasure Hunters by Warren Dean
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The preamble is a utmost valued treasure which is hidden deep in the South American jungle, for hundred of years the explorers are searching for the elusive city of gold many people had doubt of its existence. The real name of that place is Tenochtitlan.

Patrick is a treasure hunter obsessed with a treasure ship Christina de la Fuego he came to know about the ship from a library. A book with a hand written notes of Martin Bormann, Adolf Hitler's private secretary which kindles his desires for the quest. For two years Patrick has searched the coasts of Colombia, Central America, the Cayman Islands, Cuba and Jamaica.

Luckily he comes to know in Caribbean beach a 16th century Demi-Culverin (cannon) perched on the sand dune washed to the shore by a tsunami. With his girl friend Molly, Patrick takes his ship Honey to the seas in search of Christian de la Fuego. After a painstaking search the submersible stumbles on a reef which holds a wrecked ship. He dives and finds out that the ship is the one he is after but the ship and the nearby U-857 boat are turned to stone. He finds the treasure and what is that treasure and how the ships turned to stone remains the rest of the story.

The author has great ability of story telling, it starts with a cannon which is linked to the ship, the protagonist searches the ship and finds another wreck nearby U-857 boat which houses the treasure, he finds the treasure now the story links to how U-857 sunk, then how Christiana ship sunk and then the twist of how the treasure came into this world.

1600s Armando, Delgado, present day Patrick, Molly and 1940s Gunther Keller, Becker are the main characters of the story which added the needed pace for the novel. I enjoyed reading and I am eager to read the second instalment.

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