Aug 25, 2016

Review: The Day of the Black Sun

The Day of the Black Sun The Day of the Black Sun by Jean Van Hamme
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How many times did I read this Book one? The answer is countless times. How many hours I have gazed upon some of the images (two images given below) The answer to this question is also countless hours. 

 photo panel_1_zpsikyrppje.jpg
Image 1 source Google image search

Why this comic captivated me? there are many things to say but I feel the story, the characters XIII, Martha and the art work should be.

An old couple named Abe and Sally living somewhere in coastal US happens to see a critically wounded man washed ashore. They call license revoked Surgeon Martha to attend, she treats the mystery man. The old couple who had lost their only son in the war showers love to XIII.

Couple of days later XIII shows recovery but he cannot remember anything, the bullet wound in his head, a tattoo "XIII" in the collarbone, a key sewn into the collar of his shirt is what remains with him.

The alcoholic Martha stays away from her bad habit. Everything looks beautiful and seems to be settled but one day while Alan (XIII was named as Alan, after their son by the old couple) and Martha return from the seashore, they both see the dog Pronto dead and the old couple were killed in their sleep. The thugs start to attack Alan, his reflex action saves him. After this encounter Alan gets a photo from the dead thug Chuck. In the photo Alan is seen along with a girl.

After seeing the photo Alan did not get any hint who she is and in what way she is related. On the back of the photo the photographers name and address was printed. Martha asks Alan to go away as the thugs may come again. Alan leaves to East Town to find the photographer and the girl in the photo.

Did Alan find who he is and why he was shot? Why was he chased by thugs? Did he come to know about that girl? all these questions will be answered in the remaining pages of the comic.

 photo panel_2_zpsto26twdd.jpg
Image 2 source Google image search

I first read the Tamil version of this comic in the year 1987. And after more than two decades, I purchased the full book of XIII. Although I have read all the chapters, I liked the first chapter very much.

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Aug 17, 2016

Review: A Loop in Time

A Loop in Time A Loop in Time by Clark Graham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I downloaded this free E book as it is about time travel. In the year 2014 piloted by Jason Ralston the plane F117A is fitted with a new type of engine using energy waves named as Vmax3 drive. During the test flight as the plane reaches 2.5 Mach it goes out of control and disappears.

In 1966 Jason wakes up in a military hospital with concussion and memory loss. He cannot tell what is his name and where he is from. And there was no dog tag with him, Lieutenant Granger in charge suspects the mystery man as a Russian spy who crash landed with an advanced aircraft. Nurse Susan and Doctor Ralston takes good care of him.

As the hospital needs room for more patients to accommodate from Vietnam war, the mystery man named James Doe later James Buck was discharged. He takes up the job of crop duster later he falls in love with Susan and marries her but their marriage lasts only one day.

Why did James has to annul the marriage, and why he takes up the name of Ralston, what happens to him when his memory came back? All this is answered in the remaining chapters of "A Loop In Time".

The story which appears to be science fiction during the first two chapters starts to transform to family drama and then at the end it loops back to sci-fi.

With 200 odd pages the novel can be read it in one sitting. And I have to mention that If we did not count the time as the adversary then there is no antagonist in this story.

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Aug 14, 2016

Review: The Kill List

The Kill List The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The author has given a long list of character before delving into the story. I has also reproduced the same below:

The Preacher, terrorist
The Tracker, man-hunter
Gray Fox, Director of TOSA
Roger Kendrick, alias Ariel computer genius
Ibrahim Samir, alias the Troll, computer genius
Javad, CIA mole in Pakistan ISI
Benny, Mossad Division Chief, Horn of Africa desk, Tel Aviv
Opal, Kismayo -based Mossad agent
Mustafa Dardari, owner of Masala Pickles
Adrian Herbert, SIS
Laurence Firth, MI5
Harry Anderson, Swedish marine tycoon
Captain Stig Eklund of the Malmo
Cadet Ove Carlsson of the Malmo
Al-Afrit, Somali clan chief and pirate lord
Gareth Evans, negotiator
Emily Bulstrode, tea lady
Jamma, private secretary to the Preacher
David, Pete, Barry, Dai, Curly and Tim, the Pathfinders

A Jihadist preacher who inspires and impels ultra violent Jihadism to certain set of people through internet to take down high officials in US and Britain in cold blood. After assassinating 4 British and 7 US officials the US government fixes the Preacher as the number one target in the Kill List. Who was this man? Where did he come from? Where did he record his broadcasts? He was only tagged as 'The Preacher' and began to climb the lists of HVT. The tagline for the project is Identify, Locate, Destroy.

Col. Christopher Kit Carson was selected to be the Tracker to identify, locate and kill the Preacher. He gets the help from one teenager a computer genius having Asperger's syndrome, a boy working in the loft of his house in Centerville. He plants Trojan and tracks down the origin of the Preachers video broadcast. In many ways they try to grab the Preacher. Part of it is a preacher look alike is created his speech is ad-libbed and relayed through his website.

Tracker goes through the preacher files and a tip from veteran terrorist he comes to know the real name of the preacher and a person Dardari behind him.

Kismayo based Mossad agent Opal infiltrates the preacher's den gets his trust and travels along with him.

Along this story line the author interweaves a Somali pirate story, a cargo ship Malmo was taken over by Al-Aftrit, Somali clan chief and pirate Lord and negotiation goes on. Apart from the cargo the ship holds one cadet name Ove Carson who is critically ill and was taken to the Garacad clan to be beheaded by the Preacher.

The work of capturing the preacher was entrusted with the Pathfinders and the Tracker goes with them to kill. How did Pathfinder entered the Village? Did the Tracker able to kill the preacher? did Ove Carson made it out alive? what happened to Mustafa Dardari? what happened to Opal? all these questions are answered in the last couple of pages in the novel "The Kill List".

I take this opportunity to thank Geri as she recommended this novel for my TBR list. I enjoyed the story very much, at 353 pages it can be read in one sitting.

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Aug 8, 2016

Review: Slave Species of God: The Story of Humankind from the Cradle of Humankind

Slave Species of God: The Story of Humankind from the Cradle of Humankind Slave Species of God: The Story of Humankind from the Cradle of Humankind by Michael Tellinger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"The god is the devil and the devil is our maker" this is the highlight of "Salve species of God". I have read couple of books written by Zecharia Sitchin and this book authored by Michael Tellinger closely follows his works. The author mentions the difference between God and god. The god with small 'g' are Anunnaki astronauts and explorers who settled on Earth some 443,000 years ago under the command of Anu, the supreme ruler of Planet Nibiru. An intelligent race like Anunnaki why should they have to settle in Earth is very much explained in the book.

 photo nibirureturn_zpsozpzx6wm.jpg

Image courtesy

The author questions us "Who are we? How did we get here? And, why are we here?" He gives citations from many books why we are created. His predominant examples are from the Sumerian cuneiform tablets. I was awestruck when I read the similarities between Enuma Elish or the Epic of Creation and the Genesis in the Old Testament.

 photo ZECHARIA_SITCHIN_zps2cc9vjds.jpg

Zecharia Sitchin with 6000 year old Sumerian cylinder seal impression (image from wikipedia)

According to the Sumerian clay tablets the tenth planet of our solar system Nibiru (has odd orbit) which takes 3600 years for one rotation, the planet has its own source of heat (radiant) it is also called as planet of the crossing and it is represented in the clay tablets as cross. The planet loses its ozone kind of layer and the ruler of Nibiru, I forget his name! he was the ruler before Anu takes up the leadership. After losing the fight with Anu for leadership he escapes from the planet and reaches Earth through asteroid belt. Here he finds the precious metal Gold in abundance and sends the message to his home planet. Anu after counseling accepts and plans to send his first son Enki (Ea) to mine gold. He reaches Abzu (South Africa) and starts to mine gold, they name Earth as Ki and Mars as Lahmu. They create a space base in Mars which has less gravity than Earth. In due course that is thousands of years Enki's brother Enlil is sent to command Earth. He selects the cedar mountain region that is present day Lebanon as his home.

The mining was laborious process and the workers start to agitate and complain, Enki and his sister Ninmah experiments and creates Adamu the first human species combining the genes of Homo erectus and their own gene. Like Anunnaki the human species had long life span and intelligent like the maker. They then manipulate our gene with that our intelligence has been suppressed, knowledge has been erased, our lifespan has genetically shortened and our memory been removed.

Scientifically the author shows the evidence that chromosomal Adam and mitochondrial Eve were created between 180,000 to 250,000 years ago.

We were created as their slaves to extract gold for their planet to sustain life. As their mission nears completion, they come to know that Nibiru will be closer to Mars and Earth orbit which will create havoc for both planets. Enki is benevolent towards his creation which angers Enlil as he is the commander asks his promise to erase the human kind from earth. The event is the great flood Enki breaks his promise and helps his son born from his own creation Ziusudra (Noah) escape from the calamity. The Sumerian clay tablets elaborates how Ziusudra takes the life essence (that is the sperm, Ova etc) of each species with them to his ark. After the flood the Anunnaki realizes not only Earth and Mars affected but also their own planet Nibiru.

They search new place for gold now they find America suitable for their purpose. After the end of Ice age Enki helps human kind in teaching agriculture and they create their own civilization. Whereas Enlil who still commands Earth was against such schemes. According to the clay tablets Enki is the Serpent god and Enlil the Lord of Adamu and Ti-Amat (Eve) tasting the fruit in Edin is a representation of Enki teaching them the real meaning of their life. Enki was portrayed as devil and Enlil as god. Now we know why god became devil and why devil is our maker.

Their fight still continues, the author mentions that Our arrogance is our weakness and our ignorance a congenital disease that will eventually destroy us. Since we have the DNA of the Anunnaki with us and we were made in their image of our maker, it must surely mean that we inherited more than just his physical features. He also mentions the schemes of Enlil and Marduk that there is not a single religion on Earth that was created by God. But there are several which were imposed on us by the ancient gods.

It is big book, Chapters 1,2 and Chapters 15 and 16 are page turners. In between the author has given exhaustive list of various gods (remember god with small g) of Roman, Greek, Hindu etc. And also a list of people according to the religious belief. The book started to drag after 40% as I mentioned earlier the last two chapters having 200 odd pages are page turners. In my opinion the author should have reduced the pages and given only shortened account of numerous gods and census of the world.

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