Aug 14, 2016

Review: The Kill List

The Kill List The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The author has given a long list of character before delving into the story. I has also reproduced the same below:

The Preacher, terrorist
The Tracker, man-hunter
Gray Fox, Director of TOSA
Roger Kendrick, alias Ariel computer genius
Ibrahim Samir, alias the Troll, computer genius
Javad, CIA mole in Pakistan ISI
Benny, Mossad Division Chief, Horn of Africa desk, Tel Aviv
Opal, Kismayo -based Mossad agent
Mustafa Dardari, owner of Masala Pickles
Adrian Herbert, SIS
Laurence Firth, MI5
Harry Anderson, Swedish marine tycoon
Captain Stig Eklund of the Malmo
Cadet Ove Carlsson of the Malmo
Al-Afrit, Somali clan chief and pirate lord
Gareth Evans, negotiator
Emily Bulstrode, tea lady
Jamma, private secretary to the Preacher
David, Pete, Barry, Dai, Curly and Tim, the Pathfinders

A Jihadist preacher who inspires and impels ultra violent Jihadism to certain set of people through internet to take down high officials in US and Britain in cold blood. After assassinating 4 British and 7 US officials the US government fixes the Preacher as the number one target in the Kill List. Who was this man? Where did he come from? Where did he record his broadcasts? He was only tagged as 'The Preacher' and began to climb the lists of HVT. The tagline for the project is Identify, Locate, Destroy.

Col. Christopher Kit Carson was selected to be the Tracker to identify, locate and kill the Preacher. He gets the help from one teenager a computer genius having Asperger's syndrome, a boy working in the loft of his house in Centerville. He plants Trojan and tracks down the origin of the Preachers video broadcast. In many ways they try to grab the Preacher. Part of it is a preacher look alike is created his speech is ad-libbed and relayed through his website.

Tracker goes through the preacher files and a tip from veteran terrorist he comes to know the real name of the preacher and a person Dardari behind him.

Kismayo based Mossad agent Opal infiltrates the preacher's den gets his trust and travels along with him.

Along this story line the author interweaves a Somali pirate story, a cargo ship Malmo was taken over by Al-Aftrit, Somali clan chief and pirate Lord and negotiation goes on. Apart from the cargo the ship holds one cadet name Ove Carson who is critically ill and was taken to the Garacad clan to be beheaded by the Preacher.

The work of capturing the preacher was entrusted with the Pathfinders and the Tracker goes with them to kill. How did Pathfinder entered the Village? Did the Tracker able to kill the preacher? did Ove Carson made it out alive? what happened to Mustafa Dardari? what happened to Opal? all these questions are answered in the last couple of pages in the novel "The Kill List".

I take this opportunity to thank Geri as she recommended this novel for my TBR list. I enjoyed the story very much, at 353 pages it can be read in one sitting.

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