Aug 17, 2016

Review: A Loop in Time

A Loop in Time A Loop in Time by Clark Graham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I downloaded this free E book as it is about time travel. In the year 2014 piloted by Jason Ralston the plane F117A is fitted with a new type of engine using energy waves named as Vmax3 drive. During the test flight as the plane reaches 2.5 Mach it goes out of control and disappears.

In 1966 Jason wakes up in a military hospital with concussion and memory loss. He cannot tell what is his name and where he is from. And there was no dog tag with him, Lieutenant Granger in charge suspects the mystery man as a Russian spy who crash landed with an advanced aircraft. Nurse Susan and Doctor Ralston takes good care of him.

As the hospital needs room for more patients to accommodate from Vietnam war, the mystery man named James Doe later James Buck was discharged. He takes up the job of crop duster later he falls in love with Susan and marries her but their marriage lasts only one day.

Why did James has to annul the marriage, and why he takes up the name of Ralston, what happens to him when his memory came back? All this is answered in the remaining chapters of "A Loop In Time".

The story which appears to be science fiction during the first two chapters starts to transform to family drama and then at the end it loops back to sci-fi.

With 200 odd pages the novel can be read it in one sitting. And I have to mention that If we did not count the time as the adversary then there is no antagonist in this story.

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  1. This book sounds like somthing I would like to read as well.
    Thanks for the teaser.

  2. Thank you Geri for your support.