Oct 1, 2016

Review: Indrajal Comics-244-Phantom (Gem): The Skull Cave Attacked

Indrajal Comics-244-Phantom (Gem): The Skull Cave Attacked Indrajal Comics-244-Phantom (Gem): The Skull Cave Attacked by Lee Falk
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An Ex-Professor and a pilot Mr.Graves while flying watches a peak which is shaped like a man's head. Same time his plane engine fails and he parachutes for safety but he was in verge of getting attacked by Lion and Leopard.

A miracle happens as Phantom intervenes and takes the badly injured Mr.Graves to his fabulous skull cave for recuperation. When Mr.Graves returns to civilization nobody believes the story. Finally one psychiatrist Smedley chats with him in Explorer Club and he tells him the story and the great treasure he had seen in the Skull cave. But Dr.Smedley feels that Mr.Graves story is the result of delirium.

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Then Dr.Smedley tells this tale to many of this one Captain Eric and his girlfriend believes the story and they plan to grab the treasure. Captain Eric who hears the legends of Phantom's land that a beautiful woman clad in jewels can walk into the jungle without fear, Eric hatches a plan, musters couple of thugs and sends his girlfriend to the jungle.

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Did the girl meets Phantom and did she entered the Skull Cave? What happened to the girl and Captain Eric and his thugs remains half of the story.

"Sight of an angry Phantom can freeze a person's blood -- an old jungle saying"

I liked the art work, the story is so beautiful and one thing I find hard is that Phantom does no action, apart from scaring away Lion and Leopard.

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  1. Phantom's skull cave attacked: I agree with your review.