Nov 24, 2016

Review: Free to Infect, First to Die

Free to Infect, First to Die Free to Infect, First to Die by Ian C.P. Irvine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book of Time Ship (at present Book Two is rechristened as "Free to Infect, First to Die (21st Century Pirates Inc. #2) In Book one, it is the year 1699, Captain McGregor who after successfully defeating pirate Captain William Kidd and escapes with stolen treasure meets with an intense electrical storm and they were transported to the year 2014, Puerto Rico.

In 2014, four hurricanes entwines creating a Hunraken Vortex, a research airplane headed by Kate tries to capture the happenings in the vortex, as pre planned they time travel back to 1699.

The book one ends with the pirates capturing a beach resort and hilarious adventures of the pirates as they cannot fathom the new world. Unknown to them they have time traveled and also they are infected with plague.

Book Two: The resort manager Miss Sally meets face to face with Captain Rob and makes him understand that the pirates were in the year 2014 and not 1699. After some of his crew falls sick, the doctor of the resort finds out that they are infected with a bubonic plague (biovar of Yersinia pestis) the Captain lays down his arms and ask the doctor to treat his crew.

The beach resort taken over by pirates reaches the world and they feel they are terrorist adorned in authentic pirate costume. But the real threat is known to W.H.O. and they send medicine and volunteers. Anton Lebsky Leader of the W.H.O along with his assistant Moira Cerny digs to find out the proper cure for the plague..

The situation turns worse as people in the resort and Sally were affected by the plague. The President of the U.S. R.W.Gains was advised for a professional and scientific recommendation that is to implement Piras Plan by Anton Lebsky. A fighter jet with N-648 Nuclear Incendiary Device is kept ready.

At the same time the treasure in the ship gets leaked while fumigating, the Governor and the Superintendent of Puerto Rico devices a plan to steal the treasure after implementation of Piras Plan. 24 hour dead line is fixed for Piras plan by US.

Did the plague was contained in the beach resort? What happened to the pirate treasure? What is the story of Captain McGregor? Like Ann (Captain Robs wife), Sally too succumbed to plague? Did Derek and Colonel Patterson behind Hunraken Vortex research finds Kate's message from 1699? What that has to do with the future of the world?

All these are revealed in the last half of the novel. A little mention about the humour, how pirates perceive simple products we use in our daily life below are a couple of items:

Shower they call it as falling water curtain
Fridge/Refrigerator - White Safe Box

The book is wonderful time travel adventure and also a page turner, I liked the first book and this second book did not disappoint me. Well done Ian expecting such stories from you.

This book is from Kindle Unlimited and the first part is free to read.

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